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rating [ 10/10 ]
Great park for big rigs, beautiful well proportioned sites, river front for all class A rigs. Peaceful, clean and well landscaped. Lovely check in lodge, exercise room very nice, staff OK in friendliness. Would recommend using different directions to get into neighborhood, as traffic was very bad at turnoff. By taking a back road, a stoplight at Pilot gas station helped with getting out. Took some investigation on our own and was great upon leaving. Spent one week, would highly recommend and if in area again, would return. Did not use internet. Husband enjoyed fishing. Great place.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This was supposed to be a 4 night stay, we only stayed 2. The campground greeter met us as night was coming on quickly. He was helpful. This park appears to be a lot of year round campers. Our rate and space was not what was quoted. The campground clerk did not care and stated that is what the manager put down, no wiggle room. The lake was beautiful, OK for a night or 2 in a big rig, but not a future park for a rig our size (43 foot). We felt a little out of place.
rating [ 10/10 ]
The place is landscaped like EPCOT at Disney World! Flowers everywhere, spotless resort. Unlike other Ownership resorts we have visited, the "Welcoming Committee" dropped by and made sure we felt welcome. Our space #283 with the outdoor "cat-proof" space for the cats to roam was good, but in need of some Owner care. Otherwise, yes this place is the Crown Jewel for sure. We backed in our 43' Coach, and did a lot of walking around the place. There was always a recipient of waves, greetings, and a few invites to see the Owner's landscaping. We'll be back for sure, but rent directly from a site owner to reduce the cost.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Been here 4 times. Nice park...when it is Not full. We were here in a 43' coach with 4 slides, and were placed in site 336. The slide was 2" from a tree on the left, and the awning did a nice job of covering our neighbor's truck! I showed "No" above for Wi-Fi because bandwidth was horrible. Management was prompt to investigate, but their system needs some serious upgrading it seems like. Nice gal at check-in did not know what bandwidth was, or give accurate driving instructions to a big rig friendly gas station. Once folks left from a holiday weekend, the entire "feel" of the place improved dramatically. And, it's the closest to Solvang.
rating [ 8/10 ]
What an awesome place. We stayed in a 43' Coach in ocean-front (no hook-up) site #60...pull in. Bring or buy some firewood for your fire at sunset! The "Jalama Burger" at the store is not to be missed, and the fish and chips good as well. Neat folks that run the store, great source of fun local history. Great local snacks and anything you might need as supplies...best tortilla chips we ever had. We used 4 solar panels to keep the gen set off, and were able to make the tanks last 6 days before motoring over to the easy to get to dump and fill station. Don't let the road spook you, we had the coach and a toad and just took it slow. There's some new "experimental" free Wi-Fi that was clean and fast. Other than that, no cell phone (yea) service. Santa Barbara County has a easy to use on line reservation system. Been coming here for 40 years, can't wait to get back.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Got a reduced rate by a coupon sent to us when inquiring about a site. Very nice folks working here, always waving and glad to see you. Lots of coffee free and available, great $5.00 breakfast buffet, grapefruit and oranges on the trees for the taking. Service Dept. made a repair on my tow bar (on a Saturday) for no charge. Free trash pick-up right at your curb, and the professional Security folks were everywhere. The pools could have been warmer, but our biggest disappointment was the Wi-Fi. I make a living "on the road" and depend on high quality internet access. Every day around 2pm the service (Included at no charge) went painfully slow, often crashing. Probably would not affect those who are simply checking their e-mail for pictures of the Grand kids, but for this "roadie" the Wi-Fi was awful. To the Management's credit, they reported the problem to the parent in Tampa, and sent out a tech in a golf cart who took readings. But still the issues continued for a week. If clean and consistent Wi-Fi is not a must, by all means come here and enjoy this clean and friendly park!
rating [ 2/10 ]
The best part about The Reef is the fantastic restaurant located on-site - truly a wonderful experience. About the RV Park...we had to have access to Internet due to illness in the family, then when we got there were told the server was pulled "months ago". Even though the kid behind the front desk was playing video games on the office Internet machine, we were not allowed to even check e-mail on it. We had to leave early because of this, and were told we could not even have a partial refund for nights not stayed (the place was empty). If you like aggressive beach vendors, dust, and a "it's not our problem" attitude, you'll love your stay.
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