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rating [ 5/10 ]
This is a great little park surrounded by national forest if you can get to it. It is three miles from black top on a dirt road that was maintained nicely once upon a time, but not lately. Seems the RV Park doesn't have any "right of way" on the access road, and the new other land owners have refused to allow the RV park to maintain it. I hope that isn't a permanent problem and can be resolved soon. When the weather is dry, you can get stuck in the sugar sand and when it rains you can get stuck in the mud. Take your pick. The three miles is a 20 minute trip in an RV on a good day. Other than that, once you actually arrive there, the park is right nice. In addition to the potlucks and "pickers" on weekends, they often have random cookouts. And they cook up a great breakfast on weekend mornings for a donation. They say it is family friendly, but there aren't really activities or facilities for children. No playground or anything like that. But it is a "homey" feeling park. There are a lot of permanent residents, right friendly folk, and most of the snowbirds have "been here before." "Been Here Before" is a special designation, by the way. They also have propane on site, which is right handy. The showers are hot and have good water pressure and are clean. The water is well water, but not rusty. The washers and dryers are reasonably priced and the laundry room is clean. There is also a guy who will come out to do on site RV repairs, for an extremely reasonable price. It's 12 miles to town, and you will want to plan shopping trips accordingly, especially due to the condition of the dirt road. This park is mainly for kickin' back and relaxing: just set a spell. They have free Wi-Fi, but it is a pretty weak signal, and serviced by HughesNet, so if it is cloudy there is none at all, and if there are several people trying to connect, it is s-l-o-w. But Verizon cell phones and air cards work really good here. Other people had other carriers and good reception as well.
rating [ 4/10 ]
I love this park for the price, and the staff are really friendly. I was here last year, and have returned for a second year. The pecan trees don't seem to have pecans this year. Not sure if that is an every other year event, or why there are no pecans dropping, but so far there aren't. I also parked on the opposite end of the row this year, because the site I had near the stock yard buildings last year flooded so badly. It's easy to tell that this space has been muddy, but right now it is dry. The flies are still bad, but also not as bad as last year. The Wi-Fi is $40.00 per month this year. Cell and air card coverage for Verizon is excellent here, however. I don't know about other providers. Sadly, even though the city now has an animal control officer, this year the wild dog problem in this park seems to be even worse than last year. Last year there was one stray dog that hung around because somebody kept feeding it. The other night, my dog and I were accosted by a pack of 6 wild dogs while I was walking him on leash around the park. No one was injured.
rating [ 5/10 ]
These sites floods with very little rainfall. The closer you are to the fairgrounds buildings, the more water seems to accumulate on the sites, and directly in front of your RV door, no matter what. Washrooms and showers are locked unless you ask the care taker nicely. Only if there is a city event, or when "enough" seasonal workampers check in, then they will be unlocked all the time. Even then, you might have to beg the staff at City Hall to get the water heater turned on, and the showers are the 5 second type that shut themselves off when you have soap in your eyes. I have never seen so many flies in all my life. I think they grow them as a crop here. Of course, this is also a fairgrounds, so that may be why. Other than that, it really is a pretty decent place to park. If you want shade, park under the pecan trees. If you don't want to be under trees, there are plenty of bare spots to park. Note: Pecan trees do drop pecans. Birds in pecan trees drop something else. Lots of wide open space to walk and play with dogs. Playground for kids. It is also tent friendly. This side of the park does NOT have sewer hookups. For that you want to go around the block to the other side of the park. But there is a dump station in front of the showers, and there is also a local honey wagon guy you can call for $15.00. Enjoy your stay. It's not the worst place in the world to park, and close easy access to downtown and eateries, or up the road just a minute to Wal-Mart.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The campground is nice. Too bad the owner/management isn't. They won't do improvements in the prettiest part of the park, in the woods, and you can't get Wi-Fi over there. Even in the section of the park that gets Wi-Fi, the connection is lousy and not worth paying for. Every time you go there, expect to find fewer services, more rules and higher costs. They have a new fee structure called Stay and Play which essentially means you pay over $600/calendar month if you stay more than 21 days.
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