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rating [ 10/10 ]
After a 6 day stay dry camping in the Argentina Canyon near Bonito Lake, we needed a full service RV Park for some luxury camping (a shower, electricity, etc). We stayed here originally for 2 nights but had to extend it as we were having too much fun. The RV park's owners are both friendly and helpful. There are no permanent RV residents, which always make me think I'm in a trailer park rather than a RV Park! Just RV visitors like us. The first night going dry camping, we rented one of their pull-through areas that was nice so we could just bed down, not unhook and pull out the next morning. On the return trip, we got a space at the back, across the bridge near the river. The RV areas were full hook-up and had an indestructible picnic table. About 50 ft behind us was the river and a wooden swing seat for 3 where we sat and listened to the river. There were deer in our spot that we had to run off to back the RV into! Very nice. One of the owners will help you find your site and even make sure the RV is level. Then they leave you alone and let you do your thing. It was quiet at the park...no loud obnoxious music! Wi-Fi back where we were was sketchy. 1-2 bars and with 14 people online at once, slow. We had 1 bar on Verizon MiFi but only about .2 Mbps download, so slow as well. AT&T phones were worthless. No bars at all. I am assuming Verizon phones will work since the MiFi worked. We were in a 35 ft RV towed by a large SUV. Plenty of room and there were Class A's there too. The park is about 15 miles from town on the Hwy 37 that goes Bonita lake area. Far enough from Ruidoso to enjoy the country but only a short drive back into Ruidoso to enjoy the city.
rating [ 1/10 ]
ThIs campground is now closed due to the Little Bear fire that occurred in May. What a shame. Bonita Lake is closed to fishing and is reported to be filled with ash and debris from the fire. {Website confirms. Check back after this season.}
rating [ 7/10 ]
We love dry camping and Bonito has lots of shaded RV areas. Lots of locals on the weekends/summer. Quite on the weekdays. The camping area extends for about 1/2 mile. If you like the quite, park near the entrance. The main area can gets packed and there's lots of music. This is a great place in the off season. Busy in the summer. Lake Bonito is about a mile away but there are no camping spots near the lake. Cell phones barely work. Forget Wi-Fi. Satellite TV is a necessity!
rating [ 9/10 ]
We love to camp at Roaring Springs Ranch Club. You need a membership to camp here, or be a member of Coast to Coast. Members have a key to the front gate so you'll have 24 hour access, in or out. Golf course and some secluded RV spots. In February, we had the entire ranch to ourselves. The pool is spring fed and maintains a balmy 56 degrees year round. Best used on those 100+ deg Texas summer days. You can't imagine how many stars there are in a Texas sky until you visited a place like this! Please do not plan a trip here: we want it to ourselves!
rating [ 3/10 ]
We like lots of room and this is your typical side by side RV park. Most of the trees have been removed so there is no shade. Our hookup had leaking water so our canopy area was muddy as well. There are several monthly renters that make the park unattractive as well. If I'm up that way again, I'd head to Tall Chief Cove.
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