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rating [ 3/10 ]
This location is great for getting right off I-95 or I-515, but the name says it all. Desert Sands is sandy, and you can't get much more desert than that! So there is not much to upkeep. The trash cans seem to fill up faster than they are emptied. There are no shade trees. This seems to be more oriented for much older RVs, but they still have a heart. This is right next to Boulder Hwy. but is quiet at night. Can walk to Skyline casino. And Sam Boyd Stadium is very close for the events. Mall, casinos, groceries up Sunset Rd. the other direction.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a resort/members set up, but do accept some others if its slow. They've been very good about accepting out of state workers for the town of Moses Lake. Its winter and there are many open sites for a winter get away to do some fishing. They have a boat launch, Wi-Fi, and cable TV. Its next to highway I-90, and the lake is just 400 ft away. Grounds are orderly, rules must be adhered to.
rating [ 7/10 ]
It's curious how varied the prices have been for all who've commented so far: and there were no events in the area at the time, so we felt our price was high. Anyway, it was easy to find, and the guy on the golf-cart was helpful in our set-up. This place did strike me as very pet friendly, even though we don't have one. People were out there meeting at the pet-park, it was a nice evening.
rating [ 5/10 ]
The campsites were so new that our power wasn't connected yet. They gave us a discount for the move to another spot. It was very good wi-fi contact though! The rock gravel was enough to take care of the downpour of rain we got, and they were just getting the r/r, and laundry set to open them soon. The office folks always had that great coffee on for us, and you can get a hot lunch up there for a reasonable price- that was pretty nice since the flying J is about the only thing out that way. It was a nice time of the year, when fall hits in Kentucky.
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