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rating [ 8/10 ]
I've stayed here many times and usually the sites are very nice. The last trip we were in the "group" area. This area is great to accommodate a large group of campers, in some sites you can actually make a big circle with your campers. However, there is very little if any grass in this area. Our trailer and dogs were filthy with dirt. The remainder of the campground is very nice and clean. The pool was nicely maintained, and refreshing. There is a swimming pond and the campground provides floaty mats for the campers to use. The operators offer many different activities throughout the day. This particular weekend, they hosted a water gun fight; the local fire department came with their trucks and participated.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I have nothing but praise for this campground. The sites are paved, large, and very clean. It is a nice quite campground with activities for every member of the family. I have never been in a campground shower house that was as clean as this! Very nicely maintained. The downfall is no water hookup but that would not stop me from camping there again!
rating [ 5/10 ]
There was no shade in the site were were located at, and the site was not level. The pools were very cold; even the indoor pool was cold. The camp store was nicely stocked, however the common area for eating snacks or watching the occasional Yogi Bear video was very dirty. The restrooms by our area were still under construction; however there was no sign up advising of this. The restrooms that were in operation were not clean and most stalls were missing toilet paper. At one point the Yogi Characters were out riding in a wagon, and when some of our children in our group approached them; the children were ignored. The price was very steep for the condition of the park.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Where to begin, this was actually our second trip to Funny Farm and again it was a horrible experience. Upon arrival the front desk personnel were unfriendly and did not seem like they wanted to help the customer. When the check-in was completed, I was not offered a map to my site until I asked; and again it seemed like I was putting the lady out. My site was surrounded by seasonal campers who's rigs were in disrepair and had their cars parked all over the place. My site was supposed to be a 30 amp site. The electrical box that supplied my site had 2 30 amp circuits and they were both taken; I had to stretch 2 extension cords over and hook up to another sites electrical. Now, that leads me to one of the big issues I have ranked this this a "1". We lost power at least every 30 minutes for the first two days. Finally on the second day the owner advised us that he thinks there is a bad breaker and that it will be replaced "tonight". The breaker was indeed replaced however it was not replaced until the next day. And the power continued to go out even after the circuit breaker was replaced. We lost water on Saturday morning and again on Sunday morning. The entire campground was without water for 30 minutes each day. There seemed to be 1 bath house to accommodate at least 100 sites and there was now pathway to the outhouse. The campers around us used our site as a thoroughfare. The dump station is is set up too narrow for some trailers. The swimming pool needed to be cleaned or shocked; the water was grey. I wouldn't put a toe in the swimming pond. To the defense of the campground, the grass was nice.
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