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rating [ 2/10 ]
This place is still very scary. I drove out to just look at it and you had to pass through an industrial construction zone to get there. Many of the old delipadated buildings of the the old PTL complex are still here: broken out windows, overgrown castles, like a ghost town. Looks like a good number of full timers and storage spots. Would not recommend.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Dear RV Diary: Daddy says I have to be "nice" when I write this: but ewwww, GROSS! And memo to me: if the "Trailer Life" book says,"fair, dirt roads," translation: rut-filled, narrow roads with HUGE potholes. Sites (and we checked them all) were small and NOT level. I think I saw one guy make a skycraper with his LYNX leveler blocks. There should be a sign that says, "Class A's, DON'T EVEN THINK OF PARKING HERE." There are NO FIRE RINGS. Oh, you can HAVE a fire, if you bring or find your own wood, but no firewood or ice is sold here. The park itself is nice if you like a trip down memory lane. I am sure it was Columbia's chi-chi destination spot fifty years ago, but now, there are so many Canadian geese in the "lake" that one has to walk through goose-poo to get to the edge. Notice how I didn't say "beach" even though, ironically there is plenty of sand around, no one has thought to make the cleanliness and health safety an issue. The nature trail needs blazing and was kind of scary rather than fun. Like a scene out of "Deliverance." We did go canoeing and the ONLY reason this park will merit even a four, is because the staff members were very nice. A sort of benign negiligence, if you will. There was a line to get to the (again) narrow dump station and because of the rain and poor drainage, it was difficult to ascertain whether you were looking at a potential health hazard (raw sewage) or just, well, poor drainage. Hence another EEWWWW. So, dear traveler, use this park ONLY in extreme cases and at your own risk. As we have given it four out of five "EWWWW's," we won't be coming back.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Stayed in site 108, backed up to the parking lot for primitive camping and there just happened to be boy scout camping groups there. So some noise, but quiet bt 10pm (the parks quiet hour). Nice camp store and great shaded sites. Because of limited time we didnt get to see all the park. We are already planning to go back soon.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Some sights more level than others. We we near the lake. Very shaded but in March didn't have leaves to take advantage of. Very close to activities in park, fishing, (no fishing on Sunday's) train ride, paddle boats, gem mining. The park is still working on an animal exhibit. We were able to make advanced reservations. Quaint camp store; bought firewood.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very nice campground staff is extra friendly as were the host campers. Our site was right on the edge of the woods and quite secluded. Very good hiking and fishing. Sights were large and level with a fire pit, picnic table ,and 2 lantern posts. We will visit many times.
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