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rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a fun, kid oriented park. The water park is pretty cool, and the beach is a legit SAND beach (been here 2 days, I must've made about 47 sand castles already). I have found the staff to be very friendly, helpful, and just downright chipper! This is a well-kept park and its quite popular in the summer. If it's not at 100% capacity it's only a couple sites shy. Lots and lots of cabins, lots of trees though some of the tent areas are in the open. We have a pull-through site (U4). This section is just adjacent to the water park, which is awesome because this place is hilly! Not all sites are but the top half of the park is all on a slope. It wasn't too bad getting level, but bigger rigs may have a some difficulty (my camper is 37'). The roads are gravel, as are the pads for your RV. The park does have golf cart rentals, which are popular, so book in advance. My rating of 8 (8.5 really) could have been a 9 if it weren't for the price of the site and visitors, and the hilly nature of the park. (The hills aren't AWFUL and didn't bother us as it gives some character to the park but others may find it difficult). So if you got kiddos and are looking for a fun kid friendly joint, this place works!
rating [ 7/10 ]
We go to Jellystone in Mexico at least once a year, usually for 2 or 3 night weekends. It's 30 minutes from home and is a quick and easy trip. The campground is set right on the Salmon River, which provides a great focal point for this campground. The site sizes are pretty good, and have about 15 that back up to the river bank and 4 or 5 with a great river view. There's a rock point that provides for a sitting/play area when the water level is low (summertime) and is great for the kiddos. The river in the spring time runs pretty quick and if you keep a window cracked open, it will lull you to sleep! The campground itself is nice. Not awesome, not fabulous, but a nice little park that our kids really enjoy going to. Wagon rides are a daily occurrence (unless it's raining) and Yogi and BooBoo come along. They have one of those big bounce pillows up by the pool area, which, even if you're 41, is a ton of fun! Staff has always been helpful, and the older man who directs you to your site in his golf cart is friendly. He's got a dry sense of humor and APPEARS a cantankerous old stooge, but he's a funny guy and very helpful. This place can get soggy, so if there's been a lot of rain prior to your stay, some of the sites can get muddy. Due to being on the river the campground doesn't drain very well, but when it's dry it's fine. Be warned: the drive down the hill after checking in the office is steep, and the longer rigs WILL drag rear bumpers at the bottom. Also, lots of mature and big trees, so yes, there is much foliage cover, but the shade is great. We really didn't use restrooms/showers very much, but they're okay. Pros: good size sites, lots of shade, riverside, fun staff, good activities for kids. Cons: older campground, steep grade at entrance, few sewer sites, when it's wet it's WET.
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