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rating [ 9/10 ]
So we just got back from a 10-day trip to Virginia Beach. Stayed at the KOA, and I gotta say that the staff there was top-notch. From check-in personnel to the staff that cleans the restrooms, I was very impressed with the professionalism and helpfulness displayed across the board. We had a nasty storm roll through Saturday evening. A lightning strike hit the ground across the road from us, about 20' from the pop-up that occupied the site. Not 5 minutes later staff members were at the camper. Long story short, the father in the camper got zapped by the electrical discharge, and the staff had EMS on site within 10 minutes of the incident. From my assessment, the staff did an A+ job handling the situation and directing help to the family (who were from Montreal and unsure how to access EMS). My biggest "negative" was this park's pricing system. The site price is based on 2 people occupying the site. I didn't catch it when I reserved the site back in March, and that's on me. Even now that I look at their website, it's still kinda sorta hidden - when you put in how many people are on the site, it says that kids under 6 are "free". When I double checked the receipt, it showed a $6 per night charge for "extra" person. I went back to the front desk, and was explained that the site price is for 2 people, etc... I had not come across this before as all the parks we have stayed at have been priced for 4 people. The explanation given me was when a site is only occupied by 2 people, they feel they should be given a discount since they shouldn't have to pay for 2 extra people. I get it, Ive just not encountered it before. Shame on me for not recognizing the pricing policy. (No I'm not going to blast the park on the rating for my mistake). The sites near General Booth Blvd will get traffic noise. That road is a 4-lane, well traveled boulevard. Be advised that if you're back there, you will hear the cars. The sites in that area are well-shaded, and best suited for tents and smaller TTs/pop-ups. A good portion of the sites are gravel/rocky, which is my biggest knock on the park. It's great for shade, especially in the heat of summer, but not the most comfy on the feet. There's a few grassy sites back there, but ask when you call the park - they should be able to let you know the general site characteristics. We were in sites 149 and 150. Very little (to none) shade from 144 to 150. 151-157 have woods/greenery behind them, and 158-190 have a lot of shade. These sites are deep, but narrow. The pull through sites seemed to be narrow as well, but that's where you'll find the full hookups. The sites across the entrance street (21-59) have some good shade as well. The pull-throughs are a gravel base also. For us, 150/149 were perfect (even without the sewer) for the group of us that went down. My rig is long (~60' end to end) and we got in and out fine, though if you've got a tall/long rig, I'd try not to exit using the road along sites 158-190, as the trees that line might be obtrusive to taller rigs. We used the restroom and shower facilities near our site. The restrooms were clean and well-maintained. The showers... the showers could use some improvements in water pressure and hot water. Also, the floors need to be redone and weren't ultimately the most stable or clean. The showeres were attended to, but they need some fixing-up. We were told that the showers up by the pull-throughs were better, but I didn't feel like venturing up that far. Too lazy... There is a beach shuttle that runs every 20 minutes (I forget the exact hours), and it's $2 per person. Parking down by the beach will run you $5 for 3hrs or $10 for all day (depending on lot). We had 10 in our group, so for $20 it was a wash, and easier to bring all our shtuff. Lastly, the noise from the F/A-18s that people complain about: it's not as bad as its made out to be (all hours of the night, constant, disruptive, etc.). Yes, you're gonna hear them. Yes, they will be loud. For the 10 days we were there, only 1 night were they flying past 10 or 11pm. It did not interrupt or spoil any of our camping experience. To me, it's an awesome sound! And, if you're a man and an American, you would NEVER complain about the sound of freedom raining down from above! Heck, if it bothers you, just pretend it's the wife yapping at you and tune it out! So, at the end of our trip, the park gets high marks for it's helpful staff, pool area, cleanliness and attentiveness. Good activities and close to the beach, and there's some fun things nearby (go-karts, water park, mini-golf, Hooters and Chik-fil-A). The negatives are some of the site sizes terrain, and the showers we used. We will definitely return. For our experience, it's a "9".
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a clean campground with a very friendly and helpful staff. We used this park as a one-night-stand, and didn't use really any of the park amenities, so I can't accurately comment on those. However, they had a nice playground area for the kids, nice looking pool, and a water-soak area for the kiddos to play in. There's a lot of seasonal residents, but the few we encountered were friendly enough. The transient sites are pull-throughs and are LONG! My rig is almost 60' bumper to bumper hooked-up, and I swear I could've fit a car in front and in back of us once we were pulled in. I can't imagine even the longest of rigs not fitting into one of these sites. These sites are a little narrow perhaps, though we didn't have anyone on either side of us (those sites that were occupied were staggered so as not to unnecessarily crowd each other - kudos!). These sites are wide open, so no trees or shade - maybe a downer for long, hot summer days. But for those who have satellite TV, I can't imagine reception issues. The sites are all grass in this area, and a LITTLE sandy, but not overtly so. We didn't go into the camp store (got there after it closed and left before it opened) so can't comment on that, sorry. Nice pavilion near the front gate and seems like they have some good activities. This park gets good marks for cleanliness, well maintained, long pull-through sites, and helpful staff. The park itself is out in the middle of farmland, so if you're wanting a campground close to the "action", this probably isn't your place. But if you want to be 15-20 minutes from the DE shoreline, and away from the crowds, this is a great option.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a fun, kid oriented park. The water park is pretty cool, and the beach is a legit SAND beach (been here 2 days, I must've made about 47 sand castles already). I have found the staff to be very friendly, helpful, and just downright chipper! This is a well-kept park and its quite popular in the summer. If it's not at 100% capacity it's only a couple sites shy. Lots and lots of cabins, lots of trees though some of the tent areas are in the open. We have a pull-through site (U4). This section is just adjacent to the water park, which is awesome because this place is hilly! Not all sites are but the top half of the park is all on a slope. It wasn't too bad getting level, but bigger rigs may have a some difficulty (my camper is 37'). The roads are gravel, as are the pads for your RV. The park does have golf cart rentals, which are popular, so book in advance. My rating of 8 (8.5 really) could have been a 9 if it weren't for the price of the site and visitors, and the hilly nature of the park. (The hills aren't AWFUL and didn't bother us as it gives some character to the park but others may find it difficult). So if you got kiddos and are looking for a fun kid friendly joint, this place works!
rating [ 7/10 ]
We go to Jellystone in Mexico at least once a year, usually for 2 or 3 night weekends. It's 30 minutes from home and is a quick and easy trip. The campground is set right on the Salmon River, which provides a great focal point for this campground. The site sizes are pretty good, and have about 15 that back up to the river bank and 4 or 5 with a great river view. There's a rock point that provides for a sitting/play area when the water level is low (summertime) and is great for the kiddos. The river in the spring time runs pretty quick and if you keep a window cracked open, it will lull you to sleep! The campground itself is nice. Not awesome, not fabulous, but a nice little park that our kids really enjoy going to. Wagon rides are a daily occurrence (unless it's raining) and Yogi and BooBoo come along. They have one of those big bounce pillows up by the pool area, which, even if you're 41, is a ton of fun! Staff has always been helpful, and the older man who directs you to your site in his golf cart is friendly. He's got a dry sense of humor and APPEARS a cantankerous old stooge, but he's a funny guy and very helpful. This place can get soggy, so if there's been a lot of rain prior to your stay, some of the sites can get muddy. Due to being on the river the campground doesn't drain very well, but when it's dry it's fine. Be warned: the drive down the hill after checking in the office is steep, and the longer rigs WILL drag rear bumpers at the bottom. Also, lots of mature and big trees, so yes, there is much foliage cover, but the shade is great. We really didn't use restrooms/showers very much, but they're okay. Pros: good size sites, lots of shade, riverside, fun staff, good activities for kids. Cons: older campground, steep grade at entrance, few sewer sites, when it's wet it's WET.
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