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rating [ 6/10 ]
Just got back from vacation and just got a chance to do this review on this park. We camped there for a week, we were going to stay longer, but changed our minds. The park is clean and well maintained, they just added more sites to expand the park, but those sites don't have cable TV, the sites with cable TV are extra per month. A site with metered electric,cable and Wi-Fi are $280.00 plus tax per month plus a $100.00 deposit that is not mentioned on their website, you don't find about deposit until you arrive. If you don't want cable then its $250.00 per month plus deposit for electric. The management are not very friendly, they only seem to talk to you if you have an expensive camper and fit into their category. The park does not have a pool for their guest, but the owners of the park have their own private hot tub in their side yard of their mobilehome. The rec room which has a pool table can only be used by people who come their with RV clubs others cannot use it. Went we were going to leave we found out that they have a new insurance rule that if your RV or camper is not 10 years old or newer you are not allowed to stay long term, so if you leave the park and want to return you cannot because of this new rule they say they have from their insurance company, we were not told this by the guy that was the manager/owner but by some others that tried to get back in the park. So this is one reason while we will not return here again. If you cannot afford a new camper or RV don't choose this park.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Warning. In the park brochure they advertise that they have the internet (Wi-Fi) which is not true. They are bouncing off other business internet in the area. To receive it you have to up close, near it. Also, they say that all sites are full hookup, but in the back spaces you cannot receive cable TV, and yet they charge the same price for them. Also the bathrooms are fithy and have been painted over but never washed down. There are a few people here that live in make shift tents that are nothing but plastic. There is one man in one of the tents that walks around in his black color underwear, which shows everything. Not a good thing for young children or women to see or be around, and nothing is done about this. Also the laundry is also rundown only two washing machines and 2 dryers. If one or both break down they say there is nothing they can do. So if you decide to stay here, you have been warned.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Beware! The manager of this park will have an eye on you at all times. Don't do anything or he'll threaten to kick you out and keep your rent. The bathrooms are very dirty: would not even wash my dog in them. Bars of soap on a wooden shelf that everyone uses. Some of the toilets had human waste on them. Advertises Wi-Fi, but uses the internet at the motel, which cannot be accessed at the park. You'll need a booster system to receive a signal. On the weekends you'll have to deal with noise from all the owner's family and friends playing games in the field next door: early afternoon until evening. You are not allowed to make noise: no music. Take it from my experience and don't waste your money. The monthy spots are not worth $430.55. If you are going to stay overnight, you are better off staying in the Wal-Mart parking lot just around the corner. PS: The 5 mph speed limit in this park is just for visitors. The manager does at least 40-50 mph regardless of the children in his park.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very clean park. Staff very friendly and family oriented. Very nice clean pool. Park near I-75 easy on and off. Park very quite at night. We would come back again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Sort of friendly staff..newly family owned. I called for reservations, was told that they had a pool and that it would be opened within a few days. Stayed for almost one month seemed that they didn't have the money to open the pool. They have a catch and release pond for fishing. We had fun doing that. My only regret was I had to throw it back. Nice big mouth bass. We left halfway into the month and still no pool open and it was memorial day weekend..
rating [ 1/10 ]
Warning this is to my best description for anyone and I reported this to the sheriffs office and children and family services so take it from there how bad the place is. The pool is kept under lock and key unless the restaurant owner wants to use it for her own personal use. Then and only then the people in the park can use it, very shortly this park could be shutdown.
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