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rating [ 9/10 ]
A very large state park and it has a small 25 site camping park nestled in the Pine Woods with the ground mostly covered with fallen pine needles. It was built in the 1930's by the CCC. The roads and the campsites reflect the custom of those times. They are small, even tiny and narrow. The roads are narrow enough as to make it awkward, even difficult for one to easily back a RV into a space. Pine trees rule! Way too many of them, which helps to block a camper from extending both sliders and awnings. The park has rental canoes which is a real plus. The park is somewhat off the beaten path accessible via paved country roads in a rather desolate part of the state. A park ranger told us that the busiest seasons here are either Spring or Fall. We were here in September and found the bugs great enough in number that we did not bother having a fire. Bathrooms are functional, clean, and well ventilated. TV reception was very good. Neither one of our cellular phones were able to make a connection. We'd recommend visiting this camp if you are an agile driver, had a smaller rig, and loved to canoe or fish.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Quiet, neat, well-managed park that we enjoyed, finding only one complaint and that had to do with the layout of the camp sites. Most of them are designed for the RV to be backed into the site from the Passenger side of the vehicle. In other words, the driver would have to look out the rear view mirror on the Passenger side of the vehicle. I find it difficult enough to back up a short fifth wheel without confounding me and the operation by backing up 'blind'. Yes, I see others who back up their trailers with little or no difficulty and for them, this park would offer no serious challenge. Everything else about the park is on the Plus Side.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Main advantage was close proximity to Interstate Highway. This is an old park and there are some indications of both it's age and the degree of maintenance. For example, just about all of the shower heads and controls need to be replaced or repaired. Just plain worn out. A lot of water is being wasted. Washrooms nicely heated, kept clean. The park is quiet at night, but when the trucks are running back and forth on their way to and from the next-door quarry operations, you can't help but notice. There's a 'herd' of feral cats here and indications that someone is throwing out food to them on a regular basis. We were using only lights in our newer 19 ft trailer when the circuit breaker tripped. Before that, the lights flickered. We never had this problem before and we are inclined to suspect the camp's electrical wiring. Grass was well maintained and in good condition. Extra charge for Wi-Fi.
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