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rating [ 6/10 ]
First the pro's. Very pretty lake. It is picturesque from the third tier where we camped. The campground is nice, and the hosts and staff at the bar were friendly. Now, the cons. This is a VERY tight campground for turns, and you descend a VERY steep hill to get into it. I was concerned about the back of our Travel Trailer dragging. But I went slow and we were ok. The campground layout is three tiers. Very neat for a "view" perspective, but it means that the sites are quite shallow from a level ground perspective. Once we parked, if you walked much past the edge of the awning, you were on a VERY steep hill that would be very hard to stand on, much less walk on. The fire pits are on the edge of this hill. Thus you can only sit on one side of the fire, not in a circle around it. This is a nice park, good for adults, nothing for kids. The sandy beach is non-existent. It is literally 6' of sand water frontage. But, we didn't come here to swim so no big deal to us. If the owners did some upgrades to make more of a level area for the sites, my rating would go up considerably.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Most sites here are owned. However, those that aren't are used for weekenders. We were put in the "new area." By new, they should say "under construction." We changed spots from where we first were put due to the site being VERY unlevel. The gravel pad was level, but beyond that: it was awful. The second site they moved us to was acceptable. Be sure to ask if you are in the new area, if you are, make sure to bring a rug for your site. The new area is also VERY dusty. The ground is predominantly sand. Also, some sites in the new area would not accept a 30' travel trailer AND tow vehicle. Be sure to mention vehicle length when booking. All that said, the seasonal campers were VERY nice that we spoke to, the hosts were accommodating and patient. The pool was very nice and well kept. Also, there was a neat farmer's market that set up onsite Saturday evening. Homemade jams, jellies, and fresh produce. All in all a nice park. The new area will be a lot nicer in a couple years once the ground recovers from all the construction. We will return.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a nice park. We were here over a holiday weekend, and even though the park was full, noise was not an issue. There are a fair number of permanent sites, some are older RV's. But I'm not here to look or judge other's RV's. The sites are pretty close to level, roomy, and of good size. My only complaint: was the dust. The roads are dirt/sand/gravel, and anything that sits outside gets a VERY solid coating of dust. We stayed for three nights, and I took my truck to have it washed once because it went from a silver metallic grey, to a tan haze!! But, all in all, a nice park that we would return to.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This place is down right HUGE!! 1200 spots... we rented a golf cart to drive around... 99% of that number is permanent spots. We camped here the final weekend before they shut off the water on the overnight spots... so needless to say there were not many "activities" going on. But the facility was nice. There is a very sizable lake, and a couple large playgrounds. Also, you are about a 30 minute drive from Amish Acres, Gulfstream RV, and a couple other mfgs.
rating [ 8/10 ]
The grounds here are VERY clean and the facilities are very clean as well. The spots are spacious and the layout is nice. There are a lot of seasonal sites here... but there are a fair number of overnight spots available. My only complaint is that this facility recently added a lot of new spots and they aren't shaded yet - they are nicely landscaped - but the trees are young - thus if you are in the newer area in the middle of summer... bring your sun block! Beyond that, this is a great park - and we will return many times.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is one of our favorite parks and we stay here multiple times each year. As with any Jellystone... there is plenty of things for the kids to do. But more importantly, the grounds are very well shaded and fairly quiet. Only thing to take note of... if you stay in any of the spots that back up to the woods... be prepared with plenty of mosquito spray. Other than that - which you experience anywhere - we really love this park.
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