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rating [ 8/10 ]
Stayed for 2 months. Many of the best sites are taken by work campers. The store / office should be open later than 9pm and was often closed before 8:30. That lead to the pool being closed before 8:45 as posted. Even if a guest was in the pool staff would ask the guest to get out of the pool, so staff could get off early. The Area around the pool could have been better. Laundry is clean. The Gym small and clean. All in all the best Park for miles around.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was our first time camping together and we found this place to be very clean, especially the bathroom and showers. They were organized and well managed. The husband and wife team are great together. She cooks very well and they even personalize their services by bringing meals to your site if need be. We will definitely come back here again on our return to New Mexico.
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