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rating [ 1/10 ]
Let me first share the good about this park. It is located on Gardner Lake. The lake offers good fishing, and anything else you can do on the lake. They put down new decking on their docks. Now the bad. The ownership/management only wants your money. They lack business savvy social skills and at time make you feel like you are an inconvenience. As a seasonal camper you are charged for everything. 3 grand for the season. $100 extra if you bring one kayak or $3 per day to launch from their property. The roads are dirt, making park very dusty. The bath houses are gross with spider/cob webs everywhere. Only 3 of the cabins are usable, the rest are condemned. I have not been in one, but looking in they are nasty. The snack bar food is okay but too expensive. The rec hall is filthy, the boat house is run down, the beach is a joke and run down, the sidewalks are all broken up and are a major hazard. (Law suit in the making). The paved areas of the road are also busted up pretty badly. The basket ball court is gravel and there are very limited activities. The ones on the schedule, only about 1/2 are actually done. This is mostly a seasonal place but the ownership/management does not been care about its residents which reflects in the number that have left. They do not have the passion of a normal campground owners and no pride in their facility. If your interest is a place to park and want nothing from the facility, this is a good place. If you are looking for a fun, activity based, safe, clean, and cared for place: you WON'T find it here. Connecticut State Parks offer more for your money.
rating [ 1/10 ]
I am from the area and have camped here several times over my 8 years camping. This "Resort" campground is far from it. The roads are not paved. The full hook up sites have the hook ups all the way to the rear of the site. I used 30' of sewer hose to hook up and the sewer hook up was 9" out of the ground. I had to level one side of my camper 5 inches. There is no cable. It is not family oriented as you pay extra for kids ($8 per kid per night). Mini golf is nice but not worth $9 per person on the Halloween weekend. They use to give you Sunday Night free if you paid for Friday and Saturday which they no longer do. Managers are greedy as well. This campground is owned by a local businessman which owns a rock/gravel trucking business. To upgrade this facility to warrant the price "must be done". I also camp with a group of 8-12 families and we also have written this place off. I hope they are happy chasing the locals out.
rating [ 7/10 ]
If you dry camp it is a good place to be on the beach. The sites are crazy tight though. It took me some great effort to park and I have been doing this for a while now. The place is awesome, but the state should invest in new bathrooms. There was a sign that said "Not for Human Consumption" in the bathroom. They could also provide showers and drinking water. You have to travel to Burlingame State Park for Water & Showers...both very nice there. I would go back just because of the fishing & calming.
rating [ 9/10 ]
What a great place. Awesome pool area. The bay and the beach are good as well. The camp store has everything you need, but not a lot of extras. Outdoor volleyball courts & Basketball courts are nice. The place is huge. We stayed in the W,E & S sites. Bath house is very clean and water is warm with strong pressure. We would come back. Not the best place if you are headed to Conway or the White Mountain because they are 40 minutes to 80 minutes away.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Nice Little park. Very dog friendly. Sites are open and spacious. Installing a new playscape for the kids. Wifi available for $20 a week or $3 daily (when it works). The women that own this park are working constantly to make this a nice place (and do they work). Very Clean with garbage pick up daily in front of camper. The pictures in the web-ad are a bit deceiving. The pool is very small, but not bad when the park isn't too busy. The store is small and not a lot available. Limited activities on the weekends. The price is right, but not a lot in the park to do. Great place to stay if here to visit the Wells/Ogunquit/York area. Upgrades that I would recommend would be; to add cable and dependable wifi without the extra fees.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Nice Clean park, dirt roads & wood chips on level sites. The wood chips are kind of a pain because they are the large ones, not playground mulch. Convenient location to the Cape Cod bike trail, but that was not passable due to construction. WIFI available at $10.00 a day from your site or free at the rec hall. No activities for kids and not much to do for a holiday weekend (Columbus Day). Full store with all the little things you would need. Staff was friendly and no problems with leaving my Golden Retriever in my rig while I was gone. Will probably not go back because the park doesn't offer anything to do while you are there. I think they rely on the area to provide the entertainment. I would rate higher if they had some type of activity schedule for weekends.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This is a very rustic park with narrow roads bordered by a lot of little nuisance trees. Also a lot of low hanging branches from the bigger trees. Tough to maneuver a larger rig around. Cable & all other hook-ups okay, however the cable was fastened to a tree as opposed to the the electric posts. WIFI available in the main building as well. Bath house was clean but the overall appearance was rundown. The staff was friendly. We only used this park as a place to bed down for NASCAR Race Weekend in Louden, NH. If they took better care and upgraded the roads I would probably rate higher...but not until then.
rating [ 6/10 ]
My first impression was a lasting one. In January 2006 we had reserved four sites together and then when we arrived found that they had split us up. This was a problem because now our planned party was split. Also they offered no remedy for our inconvience. One of the families I was camping with, had to wait until after 6:30 to pull in on his site. They had moved another camper temporarily to do some type of repair to his site, and failed to insure that he was gone for arrival time. The water/electric & sewer were toward the back of my site, the cable was in the front and on the opposite side, so I had to run my cable across the front of the site in the path of where people walk, creating a tripping hazard. The heated pool was cold so it wasn't even fun to use. On the positive side, the sites were large, the Wi-Fi was free, and the fishing was good. The kids enjoyed themselves.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This is another park that has the potential to be a perfect 10 with just some attention to minor detail. First off this is not a "Big Rig" friendly place. Too many little trees in the way that provide no benefit to the sites. Every big rig over 25' had difficulty backing into site. They should cut down these nuisance trees and move the post and rail fencing back about 2 feet on each side of the road to allow the necessary room to access the site. The site itself is nice as they are spacious and the concrete pad is a huge plus. The lights along the road are a nice touch. The bath house could use a bit more attention as they were not really clean...but were not disgusting either. The laundry room was small, only six washers and dryers and very hot inside. The main pool was nice, but alot of sand in it. This could be eliminated by sweeping all the sand off the sidewalks every couple of days and maybe vaccuming it. The entry way is also very congested during mid afternoon during check-in times. I had to wait in traffic for about 10 minutes just to get back into the park. They need to open it up more so that people already in can get back in with some ease rather than waiting on those that are checking in. They have a rather nice pond with a beach that was great for the kids. It provides fishing, kayaking and swimming. Also a very pet friendly park. Overall a decent place.
rating [ 2/10 ]
This park has potential with right managers. There is nothing to do in the park. No rec or activity schedule and while I was there the majority of the time it rained. Seems to be mostly seasonal people. Pools are very small, deceiving from their website. They are also only open 1-7pm which is unacceptable. I could understand if they had a lifeguard but this is not the case. Also no camp store so everytime you need something you have to leave. The laundry facility is in a trailer and the showers you have to pay for. Also no urinals in the mens bathroom. Sites are spacious but all covered in large wood chips. Even with a mat over them they poke you in the foot. No garbage pickup that I was aware of, but the dumpster area only had one over filled dumpster. Not a bad campground just to park your rig at, but I don't think I would ever go back
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