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rating [ 5/10 ]
The river was beautiful. Mike was great. Staff was friendly. The tubing was AWESOME. The campsites were the biggest I've ever seen. Nice, wide, more than enough room. We arrived on a Thursday and left on Sunday and also had some tent people meeting us there. For us, the stay was nice. For the tent people not so great due to the bath houses being completely disgusting. You also have to bring quarters with you to use the showers which the website doesn't disclose. A certain nationality of people showed up Friday night, by the hundreds. Things went downhill from there. They were loud, dirty and I think the bath house situation was because of them. They played loud music, left their trash everywhere, sped through the campground. Border patrol was all over the place and cops frequented the campsite over the weekend. On Sunday, they all packed up and left. They left garbage EVERYWHERE. I felt so bad for the owners to have to clean up such a mess. This is such a beautiful place to camp. I hope the owners can figure out a way to deter the illegals (I'm assuming illegal with so much border patrol officers around).
rating [ 5/10 ]
Nice place overall. People were friendly. Lake and beach were Beautiful and perfect for the kids. Very nice docks to walk out on, hang out, and fish from. My only problem with this place was one, didn't know this was a dry county! We had to drive 8 miles for a beer. Second, they have a gospel concert on Saturday nights and service on Sunday mornings. I have no problem with the concert and services. What I have a problem with is that they didn't tell us the concert and service went on 10 feet from the site they put us at! So Saturday night we had a concert blaring at us that went on until past 10 pm (I have young children that need to go to bed before that!). The Sunday service was at the same place and we had to leave that morning. Lots of people attended the service and blocked us in from leaving and then proceeded to give us dirty looks while we are trying to pack up (we had a 4 hour drive home... can't wait all day). We had to wait for the service to end because no one moved out of our way so that we could leave. They just shot us dirty looks and acted like we were being rude. They also blocked everyone else in the row camping. Our neighbors sat in their car, packed up and ready to leave, for 2 hours. I just wish that they had disclosed that information to us before they put us in that spot.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We were able to stay here once as a "try out" because this is a member-only campground. We had a great time. The beach was perfect for our kids to enjoy the lake and play. The playground was nice. The docks were perfect for fishing. They had activities for the kids. I can't comment on the bath houses because we did not use them. Overall, very nice place, very family friendly, and we wish we could go again without a membership!
rating [ 5/10 ]
We have camped here about 4 times as this is the only acceptable Lake Gaston campground that doesn't require a membership. We love the lake! he bath houses are always nice and clean with plenty of hot water. As others have stated, there are many permanent trailers there with decks and such and also a LOT of gold cart traffic. The sites are not level. We have always had a hard time leveling here, and once or twice had to just be unlevel. We have small kids and there is no beach or swimming area for the lake. It is just grass and then sludgy lake bottom. The pool always looks clean and nice, but I have a pool in my backyard. I'm there for the lake. The only way to truly enjoy the lake (other than fishing from the shore) is to have watercraft. Also, if you have a large trailer or RV, it is extremely difficult to navigate the roads to and from your campsite. The roads are very narrow, windy, and the other campers even take up some of the road parking. We had to pull our trailer through a ditch and almost flip it to get out of there once.
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