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rating [ 8/10 ]
First... the phone number is 308-632-6342, not the one currently shown on the left. This park feels a bit rustic with the trees, river, and gravel roads & sites, but it's level, clean, and easy to get into each roomy site. The hosts are very friendly and helpful. The Wi-Fi is great. We paid $20 for a full hookup, it's only $15 for water & power. Cash/check only. The bathrooms are aging but the hosts keep them very clean. The bathrooms each have 2 shower stalls, with doors, that share a changing area with bench. The only towel hooks are above this bench. You may want to time your shower so as to have the changing area to yourself. The showers are free and the water pressure is good. Close by is a very good kids playground and there's good fishing, a good trail, & disk golf. The park has grass and mature trees that provide a nice amount of shade. It's very quiet here. Does the wind usually blow all the time in this area? It did during our stay but was good for keeping it a bit cooler. We would definitely recommend this campground to others.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We made the mistake of reserving for 2 nights, we called just the night before our arrival. Upon arrival we looked at this very disappointing place and decided to stay only a single night. They said we'd be charged for both nights, although on the phone they'd told us that a No-Show is charged just 1 night. We decided to leave immediately to minimize our "penalty". We were told at sign-in (not on the phone) that there's a 30-day cancellation policy. There were only a few spots filled at the time. We left for several reasons, 1) Because it was a full mile away from the lake and if you drive there you must pay for a special pass, daily. We had been looking forward to relaxing on a lake for a couple of days! If you look at their web page they never show pictures of the actual campground. We should have been more skeptical. 2) The WiFi they advertise is available only on the porch or inside the office. 3) The advertised Cafe was closed. 4) The campsites were small dirt strips with no grass or shade, and all for the princely price of $34. The drive to get there was horrible. The last 2 miles is an extremely washboard-rough dirt road with sharp turns and steep hills. The route is very poorly marked; we had to turn around and backtrack to find their single sign. To get out, on a hot and very dry day, we had to use our 4-wheel drive! We tow a light 30' travel trailer.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The park is gravel and tight, but what can you expect inside the city, next to a casino. The major negative at this park is the sewer hookup. Two sites share what amounts to a large covered pipe with 2 bowl-shaped openings that you share with your neighbor. You must remove any connectors on the end of your hose before inserting it into the pipe opening. If your hose is inside the pipe and your neighbor empties his tanks, your hose may very well get drenched with the liquid from his rig. I would advise washing down the section of your hose that's inside the pipe before touching it. The shuttle service from Sam's to the strip and to Fremont can be very convenient if you pay close attention to the schedule. Be aware of the time zone, we missed our first bus because we forgot to change our watches! We had a little trouble finding the shuttle stop on the first day. It's at the back of the building (casino). We learned to always look for the Valet location at each of the other clubs. Asking the casino employees was usually the fastest, and easiest, way to find it. Cable+telephone is itemized separately on the bill, but it is NOT optional. Internet is available at an extra charge so we just used the wireless at the local library on Tropicana Street about 1.5 miles away. The bathroom and showers were fine. We didn't use the pool, but it looked ok, too. We'd be fine with staying here again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Since this park is rather new, the trees (one at each site) are small. A majority of the sites have concrete pads and nearly flat. Some have mentioned that the sites are rather narrow but we didn't find that to be a problem. They offer cable hookups for a charge, but we got great TV with just our antenna. The water connection is inside a plastic tube (probably to protect from freezing) which was too tight to attach our pressure regulator, so we just put it on the hose-end at the trailer. We are Good Sam members and paid a total of $23.34 for one night without cable. In case you try to find their location with Google maps, be careful, it's wrong. But it's easy to find, just a bit north of town about a quarter mile North of the Safeway store. The highway doesn't get a lot of traffic so noise wasn't an issue. The facilities are spic-and-span, and their wireless internet is free with good speed. We liked this park and wouldn't hesitate to stay again or recommend it to others.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This campground may have been nice at some time but it is run down now. I don't want to shower here. The door to the woman's bathroom was propped open, probably to minimize mildew smells, and is not locked. The basins and counter tops are old, worn, and stained. The showers are dingy. The dumpster, which is right next to us, is overflowing and smelly. There are about 6 guests here and about 10 permanent rigs that look a bit scruffy, as does most of the park. The one plus is the good sized shade trees. Wi-Fi internet is free for 10 minutes, then $2.95 for 6 hours, $5.95 for one day and so on. The charges are handled on-line via NomadISP. The freeway is very close so there is always the sound of traffic which I find a bit annoying. We are Good Sam members and our total charge for 1 night is $32.85. No prices were posted in the office, so we don't know what their "normal" prices are. There is a swimming pool, but it was locked. There is a sign on the gate that says "If you want to keep using the pool clean up after yourselves." There is no cable available and TV reception with our antenna is minimal. In the back corner of the property is a huge pile of wire & metal cages, pipes, etc. that looks terrible. Next door is a trailer park that shares the front driveway with this property. We feel this park is overpriced for it's condition, location, and amenities.
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