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rating [ 7/10 ]
Rate reflects a monthly stay at $680 (with non-resident tax added). We enjoyed our quiet stay at this small park. It's well-kept by the owner, who cooks and delivers lobster at the going rate. The park lacks TV service of any kind (other than perhaps satellite), but makes up for this with a beautiful coastline trail, and easy kayak access to the bay via a small pier. Bathhouse is kept clean and stocked. Neighbors were quiet, groceries are a couple of miles away. Major parks and attractions are within an hour or less. We would stay here again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Rate reflects a monthly stay. This park is primarily a "Kayak and Canoe rental" outfit. We camped here for the river access, but couldn't use it due to the fast moving water. The owners were nice enough people, but charge outrageous prices, even for people staying at the park: $5 for a fax, $45 per person to shuttle your boat up river a few miles, $50 to dig through a bucket for gems. The park is small, but had two sets of park hosts who were constantly on a tractor or mower in order to make their hours. (Whether the grass needed mowing or not.) They offer Wi-Fi, but have no repeaters, so unless you're close to the office, you're out of luck. Sites and roads are dirt, bathrooms are small and utilitarian, but clean. (Showers were smaller than the one in our truck camper.) Traffic noise is an issue, shopping and restaurants are within walking distance. Mosquitoes were bad this time of year.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This park has everything you could possibly want in an RV park, except access to nature, but most people don't come here for that. We stayed here to visit Washington D.C., and this park and it's employees made our stay easy, stress free, and enjoyable. Can't recommend it enough. The nightly price is high for us, but we found it fair considering what we received in return.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Nightly rate reflects a monthly stay, during the month of May. This is a beautiful 50 acre property, with gently rolling expanses of green grass. There are trees interspersed throughout, but not enough to provide shade unless it's the right time of day. Sites are somewhat level, but there's no pavement or gravel, and ground is soft. Utility connections are dated. There is no cable TV, nor can you pick up any radio or TV signals over the air. On the plus side, there are nice walking trails, and the wildlife was teaming everywhere. The owners insist on recycling, and using their clear plastic trash bags, and it's quite a walk to the single dumpster near the office. Showers were utilitarian, but clean. The owners were very nice people.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed here for a month in spring 2014. The park is very wooded, and scenic. There are a handful of waterfront sites, but most are on wooded hillsides and somewhat level. Larger rigs may have issues getting into some sites because the roads to some campsites are unpaved, narrow, and tight. The park has fast Wi-Fi, decent TV reception, and cable TV is offered if you don't mind having to hook up a box to your TV. Boaters and paddlers will enjoy the private boat ramp and shoreline, while nature lovers will enjoy the trails. You can also get some exercise on the basketball/tennis court. Bath house was cleaned regularly, but laundry room needs updating badly.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed here for a month in early spring. The park is very spacious, with lots of room between sites and many tall oaks providing some shade. Grounds are well kept and bathhouse was cleaned about once a week during our stay. Cable TV is optional for an extra $10, but channels were limited. The park has Wi-Fi, but it's not fast, and the owners use software to block movie downloads, which often affected other non movie-related sites. Owners are polite, but not very customer-centric. Toilet paper, paper towels were frequently empty, and we had to go "hunting" for our mail. (The mailboxes were rarely utilized). I commented on the Wi-Fi once, and was told to drive to the Carl's Jr. down the road. Park is about 10 minutes from basic shopping and a public boat launch into the Suwannee River. Very quiet stay, with only occasional traffic noise.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Nice quiet park on a hill overlooking the small town of Truth or Consequences, NM. Nice view. Within walking distances from grocery store and other local shops bath houses if you’re able to walk ¼ mile. Wal-Mart located two miles north. Free phone usage for 800 numbers and local calls. No Wi-Fi. The owner charges $20/month extra if you want to use her dirty showers. Laundry room with washers/dryers, but owner prefers you use the clothesline outside to keep her energy cost down (I preferred the dryers). Ownership/management/park host – not very customer oriented, rarely in office. The picture of the restrooms on the park's web site is not of their restrooms. Issue # 1: Sewer drain clogged, we called at night, but told him it would wait until morning. When we didn’t receive a call or visit, we called to inquire about it once more. Instead of hearing: “We’re sorry, we’ll be over to check it out,” the response we got was: “Nobody else is complaining but you.” When he did come over to fix the problem, he had no sense of urgency, showed up with an auger that didn’t work, and I caught him using my drinking water hose, with the end six inches down the sewer drain. Issue #2: As I was coming from the restroom one day, I was “greeted” by a woman asking me “Where do you belong?” I stated who I was and where my site was. She stated that she’d met my husband but not me. I smiled, shook her hand and said that I had talked to her when I made the reservations. I understood her desire to protect her property; however I was taken aback by her aggressive approach.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Walnut Canyon RV park is not the worst park we've been to. The electrical, water, and sewer connections are new, the Wi-Fi is good, and the park is shaded. A few negatives stood out, though: The newly built showers are "pull-chain", and only supply cold water. The roads throughout the park are bumpy, uneven, gravel, and some turns are tight. Most of the residents here are "long-term", and have junk accumulating around their rigs. Some sites are not level. The photos on the web site to not accurately represent the park, and the "hiking trail" is littered with scrap iron, refuse, old toilets, and a lot of PVC pipe. The fishing pond is now a deep, dry, hole. The price is good for the area, but we wouldn't stay again.
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