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rating [ 6/10 ]
Overall the site was nice, roomy and very level pull through. Staff were very friendly, and a pleasure to talk to. Restrooms were borderline disgusting. I have a rule, I only use the camper toilet at night, unless the bath facilities are too gross to use. I used my shower and toilet in my Niagara all weekend. Other than that, it was a good time, and friendly people. I think their prices are a little high for what you get. the pool is tiny for a backyard pool, let alone for a campground. The jumping pillow is fun, but when you have a 2 yr. old, the older kids make it impossible for him to enjoy it. They serve a decent breakfast, hot cakes were good but the sausage wasn't at all.
rating [ 9/10 ]
First off, probably one of the nicest campgrounds I have ever been to. they put us in a handicap site because it is all they had left, but it was great, right by a brand new shower/bath house that were immaculate. HUGE rooms for each shower, with an exterior door. The sites were 85' long, had a swing, charcoal grill and raised fire pit at each location. Hook ups were simple to get to and had a light for our late night arrival. The park was a bit pricey, but well worth it. Breakfast was only a couple dollars, and sure beat cooking at the site. Not a ton of stuff to do in Buckeye Lake, but we rented a pontoon boat and went out to feed ducks, etc. Pool and playground were nice and well maintained. Staff was very friendly and accommodating.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Large park, great swimming pool, sites have poor hookups, not well thought out and needed extensions for water and elec., as well as cable. Water quality is poor, so make sure you have a good filter. Staff is friendly, it is a spot we have gone to for years for family trips, always have a good time. A lot of tent campers. There are these very annoying announcements over a very loud speaker at all times of the day, and even at 11 p.m. announcing 'quiet time' which is horrible for a sleeping toddler. The pool and family tradition will keep us going back.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We went up for the trick or treat weekend, our friends have a 38' 5er and we were parked right next to them as requested, we had an end of the row lot which was a nice view for the kids. Golf carts were 60 for 24 hours, which I thought was outrageous, but other than that I can't complain. Water attractions were closed due to the time of year we went up, but that is to be expected. Very hilly, don't plan on power wheels or bicycles. Staff was friendly enough, and accommodating.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We have friends with a 38' 5er, we camp with them all the time. We planned this 'last trip' of the season last June (4 months ago) - paid for it in June also! We made it clear, we wanted adjoining sites, full hookups, etc. No problem. We get to the campsite LATE, around midnight. We get set up, and go to sleep, go down in the morning to get some supplies from the office, and my wife was confronted by the people at the campsite, that they moved our site to the other side of the park. And we had to move by 2PM. Which is bad enough, but there was no sewage on this other site. My wife is 7 months pregnant, that 9 gallon holding tank fills quickly LOL! Now my son is on the other side of the campground from his friends that we camp with every weekend, complaining about that, we are in a tent area where everyone but us is drinking and partying until 11 p.m. when my 2 yr. old's 'camp' bedtime is 9 p.m. The lady told my wife she 'assumed' since we had a popup we didn't need sewage, and filled our site with a travel trailer that needed it. When I confronted them on that issue, she said she never said that. I am absolutely FURIOUS at this, and the way it was handled. We have stayed at another Jellystone with great success, but this one was ridiculous. She said if I wanted, they would give me a refund, but we were 5 hours from home, and every campground in that area was booked solid due to it being Dutch wonderland's Halloween party weekend. There was another popup'er I was talking to that told me he had the exact issue with them last year, said they didn't 'allow' popup's in with the 5er's and TT's He fought them and won. I fought them and lost. I am home now, so not much I can do but it will be a cold day in he** before I ever set foot in that campground again.
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