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rating [ 5/10 ]
First off I am unsure why the rates at this park are so high. It doesn't reflect in the amenities offered. They have one shower house per camping loop with two showers for men and women. There was a line to use the facilities. Roads are very narrow and I am really unsure how the bigger rigs got in and out of their spots. Most back in sites are at 70 degree or greater off the main road. Have to be very skilled to get a trailer backed in and avoid all the trees. Pull through's are sharp hoops. Sites are not level and you need to be sure and have plenty of leveling blocks. Wildlife is nice, lots of deer to watch in the morning and evening. Falls are nice and the old historic sites are interesting.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Been in Bastrop since November 29th of 2013. Mice are relentless at trying to get in the camper. I do not know if the big rigs are having the same issue. You can see mice running all over the camp ground at night. Copperas cove much nicer due to less damage from fire. Also being in the low lying area of the park the wind is less evident. Piney Hill is the pull-through area. Much more fire damage and no shade trees. Sites are very close together so I can hear the conversations of everyone nearby. Very windy on the upper hill making it much colder than when we were down in the low area. Construction workers do not observe the speed limits in the park and you need to watch out for them. Staff has been helpful.
rating [ 5/10 ]
July 4th week was when we visited so I am unsure if this park is always this way. We arrived and the staff was very polite. Site was level, but at a 90 degree angle instead of 30 degree. Picnic table at site was extremely warped. Beach was nice, and it was neat to see the wildlife of the area. Language from fellow campers was not family friendly. People didn't use leashes for dogs. People partied till 1 am even though quiet time was at 10 pm. Park has a stray chow that runs around and marks territory (doing its business) in everyone's site. When I asked some of the staff about the dog and complained about it, they laughed. Being drunk was the priority of many of the campers. Probably will seek alternative location for next beach trip.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Bathrooms were beyond nasty. One urinal was so corroded your fluid actually just leaked out onto the floor where you were standing. Women complained of no toilet paper. Sites could use some work on the asphalt. Per COE regulations no ground fires. Area around spigot became a muck hole.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Overall a very nice state park. Spots were close together but with most people out on the water we had our site to ourselves. Had Wi-Fi near an interpretive building so we could check in with family. Staff very nice and helpful. Will return for more camping in the future.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We reserved one of two park host sites, so we had full hookups with sewer. Sites are close together. Lots of tall trees with shade everywhere. We enjoyed our stay over the Memorial Day weekend. Each site has its own trash can which is nice. Unfortunately most campers seem to toss drink bottles, cigarette butts, and other small trash right on the ground. Two nice parks for kids. We would visit again.
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