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rating [ 7/10 ]
Poor signage, but just pull in the fairgrounds and stop at the office. If no one is in the office, you can pick up a payment envelope. Then drive on and you'll see FHU sites (pull-through) to your left and E/W sites to your left and straight back. $25 for FHU and $20 for E/W. We were the only rig in the park so we had our pick of sites. Pretty level and grassy, this worked well for us. The shortcoming of this park is that it is a fairgrounds with trash blowing around and too many flies. But, for the price and services (50 amp), it is well worth it.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This campground is a field behind the casino. Drive through the gas station and go to the pull-through hookups in the grassy field. These hookups have water and 50 amp at each site. There are other hookups behind the hotel, but you'll want to use these. There were about 6 wide sites in this location, but we were the only rig there. The sites aren't real level, but we were able to keep our fifth wheel hooked up with no problem. Lots of room and wide sites. At $10 (pay in hotel) for an overnight stay, this campground was fine.
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