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rating [ 7/10 ]
The last review from 2010 just about says it all. Not much has changed. Was interesting to get awakened by reveille 7:30 am. I did see some campers fishing in the small lake, and the office staff was very nice. There were frequent drive throughs by the MP's. Washateria was small but nice.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a very small park on the side of the highway. I think most of the business is for the EEA Fly In as it is right across the street from the airport. I visited about a week after the event and stayed for 3 weeks. I had to drive to the main building once a week to fill up with water and dump. There is electric at all of the sites. This place is truly Big Rig friendly easy in and easy out. They do offer waste buddy service for $5, but I had to go and fill with water anyways. The owner gave me a break on the fee because of my long stay which he is really not set up for. I think mostly it is designed for short overnight stays. Plenty of shopping and restaurants are close. This is not a resort, but an EEA event campground and an overnight campground. I gave an 8 rating because of the friendliness of the owner and the rate discount. It is real hard to find any campgrounds in the area with full hookups.
rating [ 8/10 ]
My review is exactly the same as the other review for Sept 2012 on this Campground. Another Big Rig and I stayed here for 3 weeks, and we had the best time there. The firewood was a little over priced, but the maintenance man and staff were the best. The older lady staff person, not so much. Virgin Mobil phone service was fair and good enough to tether off of. We we really enjoyed the stay and would not shop for another park in the area. I will return.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This is no 5-star resort. It is a parking lot with hookup spaces next to the freeway. The highway noise is inescapable. Most sites are fairly level, but of course there are a few that are not. I have stayed here on several occasions and the prices seem to keep going up, but yet no improvements. The grass has stickers and there are bees and wasps though out. People don't seem to pick up after their dogs, but I did not notice any loud barking dogs either. The Wi-Fi is basically useless, and the cable was fuzzy. The dust from the road (kind of paved) is horrendous. The pool is currently being repaired and the exercise equipment is old and in disrepair. The staff seem to be more irritable and on a power trip. They don't seem to be as friendly as they used to be, and they will threaten to make you leave with out a refund if you question them in any way. I was told that the owners are now making sure all rules are enforced strictly and the staff seems to enjoy their new found power. I have no problem with any of the rules and they should be enforced, but not used as a tool to threaten customers. When passing through for now on, I will stay at the Valero (1 mile south) or the Walmart (1 mile north). The Walmart manager was very welcoming and let me stay 2 nights. $90 saved: Yay!
rating [ 10/10 ]
Daily rate and they had a deal: buy 6 days get one free. Very nice staff and park. Gets busy on the weekends. River was full of turtles! Wished they had a better deal for monthly RV'ers.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Monthly rate did not include electricity which is very high: .16 per kw. Very nice staff. Don't let the owner's wife get to you, she's just that way. Very nice and sociable people that are regulars. Park is located in one of more expensive parts of town, so gas, groceries and eating out is at prices you would pay while taking a vacation.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Rate is for monthly. Very nice staff. Well kept Park. Next to freeway. Water is well water. Wi-Fi was included in rate this time. Only complaint is they had the roads smoothed out by using grinding method, but did not sweep afterwards. Every day had a new layer of dust on everything. Forget about keeping your car clean. Had problems with speeding (roads now smooth), and they put out a notice to everyone about slowing down.
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