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rating [ 6/10 ]
Campground is "OK". Lots of seasonals in rows built along a tiered hill. We camped in row-A, the bathouse was down a hill below the next row of seasonals. During the week you could cut through the seasonals to get there (don't tell anyone). A dumpster sat in front of the bathouse and I think something died in there while we were there. At night you needed almost needed a flashlight to find your way around to the mens room on the backside of the building. Camping spots only had shade toward west/south so only got some shade in evening (July). Bathrooms-showers were plain cement floor. I would say the mens room was "clean" but wife said hers was not. Showers took a quarter, and there is nothing to put your clothes on or a bench or anything. On the floor next to the shower was the only place. It was clean, just could use a few minor (inexpensive) touchups. A few benches and some rubber mats to stand on after a shower would be nice. Other campgrounds lack these simple amenities and I still can't figure out why. The little "shack" of a campstore is open during limited hours but they had a fair amount of things if you didn't bring something. The pool was nice, and if you're a golfer (I'm not), it looks like a popular place for golfing. The barn had a nice restaurant. They had good wood and a good-sized bundle which lasted us several nights to make a small fire to enjoy and eat s'mores. There was a small playground for little kids. At night you could see the bright stars in the sky. Next time, we'll likely stay at Eagle Cliff campground just south and east of Lanesboro.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We did not camp here but drove through to check it out as a future place to stay. We stopped in store briefly, owners were pleasant and gave me brochure and said drive and around and check it out. It is a large place but has very nice sites. It's obvious they keep it up. The larger camping area looked great, though it's a bit of a walk to showers at main building, but they did have nearby porta-toilets. We would like stay in section-E (very shaded) next to the river and there is a bathhouse/showers just a 2 minute walk away. We didn't check out the bathouse because we assumed it was likely kept up well if the overall grounds were a reflection of their good upkeep. Though I was only in the store a few minutes, I did note they had a few very basic items in case you needed something. We stayed at the nearby Barn Resort and wished we had stayed here instead. Next time we will.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice campgrounds, nice small store, arcade room OK with plenty of activity. Nice hall for music and bands, etc, with buffet during various food events such as weekend morning pancake feed. Sites nice and level, shady. Only complaint is bathroom, located in the middle of the grounds but on the bottom side of the hill. Most sites are along the river on the lower side of the bluff, but those on the top of the hill have to hike it down a relatively steep blacktop road. There are bathrooms in the office building during open hours on the top of the hill. Bath house could have used a better access other than the gravel driveway or sometimes wet dirt path and bathrooms could have been cleaner. I would go again, but would have to decide if I want to camp below the bluff because of where the bathrooms are, or on the top near the office buildings for easier access to the activities there.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Probably one of the best campgrounds you can find. Located 10 minutes south of Brainerd along Hwy 371, some highway noise but really not bad. Great sites from partial to full shade. Wonderful store with supplies, arcade, inside seating to chat with other campers. Nice pool, CLEAN restrooms with plenty of sink space, stalls, and showers with rubber mats and stool to set your clothes on, a nice simple touch that other campgrounds just seem not to be able to catch on to. Only minor complaint is bathroom stall doors are to close to toilets. Overall, this is a definite top of our list of campgrounds and we have seen many return campers during our annual visits. I have also discovered many other friends who have camped here with positive remarks. You will certainly be happy with your stay here.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We only toured the campground since we were in the area (we have a popup). Sites are all set in heavily wooded area so most if not all sites are quite private. Restrooms located at each of the 3 main loops of the grounds were clean and good showers and sinks. Showers even had rubber basket-weave mats in them, a plus in my book. Sites were often small to average size, some with little free space in them for added play room. Sites were not all level and a few would require an extra eye for backing in. A few sites were pull through. Overall, rugged grounds at most sites, some were nice so we marked them in our pamphlet for future reference. Grounds are located at top of the hill above Duluth just off I-35. Gravel roads on grounds. If you like private sites in heavily wooded area, you will like this. Be sure to tour the grounds before deciding on a spot if available before committing, as some of the sites are rugged, being small or unlevel, with some small sharp valleys next to the site which may make a challenge in the dark going from your camper to the picnic table.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Camped in pop-up 4 nights in Aug 2005. Grounds are good with mostly grass to some gravel, some mowing was needed in areas but not bad. Large open area around small playground located near bathhouse. You can see most other campsites from anywhere. Large trees on grounds with partial to no shade depending on location. Laundry room was good. Bathrooms were OK. Mens room had 1 air dryer so no paper towels are used at all. Showers are OK, though the changing portion of the showers were small, hardly any room to change and only a hook to hang clothing on. No shelf or stool in the shower to set your clothes or shower bag on. Shower is on concrete and the small portion to change on is a small wooden step plank so at least you are off the floor, but can be dirty if someone previously was standing with dirty shoes. 2 showers in men's room, wife had to wait on weekend to use shower as it was busy. Wife said there was a puddle of urine in one of the stalls for a day. We later realized there is a mop in the laundry room which could have been used to clean up. Only one grounds attendant manages the grounds for the city. Overall, I would stay again, it wasn't home, but wasn't bad, and it was about the only campground this close in to Duluth that we were aware of. The area is generally quiet except for occasional sound of nearby train track and occasional sirens of emergency vehicles on nearby Grand Ave.
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