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rating [ 9/10 ]
Camped here in a 35' motorhome with my two of my three daughters and five of my six grandchildren. We had two sites (one was a tent.) the price listed was for the MH which in my opinion wasn't cheap. There was a lot of activities for the kids and a well stocked store for pretty much whatever you needed. there was the Wurst Festival going on at nearby Shawnee Mountain which was an unexpected addition to the trip. We stayed on site 73. WiFi was non-existent on this site. The sites were narrow; however, they were mostly level and the site afforded me a great view of the southern sky for my Direct TV. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. They had a Christmas in July theme for the weekend which added to the grandchildren's overall enjoyment of the park. A 10 would have been earned except for the price. As I stated, I thought it was a bit steep. I highly recommend the campground.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Where do we start? The beginning is always a good place. We actually booked this through email with no money down. I thought that was strange; however, the manager asked me to send him an email. When we arrived, the long unkempt road should have been a hint of things to come. Narrow and in need of a few repairs, we trekked through to a "shack" that served as an unmanned office. Almost immediately after arriving a gentleman showed up and introduced himself as the manager. When I tried to pay by credit card he told me that they didn't accept them. Luckily, friends were staying on the next site and they had cash on them. The site was nice and pretty level. The sewer hook up was all the way in the back of the site and my hose just made it. Wi-Fi was non existent as was cable TV. Bring your own dish. I asked for and received an open view of the sky. The lake was great even though I did not swim in it. It was warm and clean. My grandson would not go in as the fish were quite visible and looking for hand outs. There was NO store, No pool and NOTHING to do. There weren't many children around and few campers. Most of the few that were here, stayed to themselves. I wouldn't recommend the camp unless you are looking to do NOTHING. If so, I'd rate it a 9.5.
rating [ 8/10 ]
One of my lower ratings; however, I do like the campground. The site I stayed on was roomy. Hoxie was the name of the site and a corner spot. What I didn't like about the campground was the lack of grass. The sites were very sandy but they were level. I received very little assistance in getting into my site. I had to ask for help because another motor home was hooked up to my electric / cable / water and sewer. I actually lucked out when they allowed me to move over to the corner site. I plan on going back, so don't think of this review as a reason to stay away. If you have children, I believe they will enjoy it. I saw many children seemingly having a good time. I brought my dog; however, you are not allowed to walk him off your site. This was a major inconvenience. Other than that, check this campground out.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We camped here on a Saturday, Sunday leaving Monday. This was our first stay. The campground is easy to get to and only a few miles off 95. Construction heading north on 95 was brutal. Once we arrived we were surprised at the small; however, well stocked store. In fact, the whole campground was compact. I don't want to give the impression that the sites were small. We stayed off Tens Row in spot 28. The "pull through" site was large, level, and easy to navigate. The campground was clean. Our shower's diverter broke forcing me to use the 25 cent shower which was both clean and hot. Be careful to turn the temperature down. The quarter bought me enough time to take a shower and turned off just after rinsing off. One inconvenience was that no one picked up trash. There were dumpsters conveniently located throughout the park. Two items: If you are a "Good Sam" member you will receive a discount off the posted rates. I didn't see too many children at this park which is fine by me. There doesn't seem to be many child friendly activities. I highly recommend this park.
rating [ 10/10 ]
After not being able to book a site at Odetah and Strawberry Park, we stumbled upon this gem in Griswold. It wasn't much more of a ride from Long Island and we decided to check it out. We camped in a 35' motorhome and had more than ample room at a site adjacent to the fishing pond. The camps rates are much less than other busier RV Parks we visited. I'm guessing that this is due to the fact that there is no swimming pool / game room / or store on site. That suited us just fine. We rarely use these amenities anyway. The result of not having the aforementioned was a quiet, relaxing trip with hardly any children, or noisy neighbors. This park is truly a best kept secret if you want a nice relaxing environment. The seasonals, which numbered quite a few, were very friendly and actually welcomed us and told us to ask if we needed anything. The sites were large and most were level. We stayed at a full hook-up site. No cable is available; however, I was able to get nice reception utilizing my satellite receiver. I cannot tell you how clean the restrooms or showers were as I did not use them. The sites were well maintained which should give you a good clue as to the condition of the restrooms. The only negative was that no one came by to pick-up trash. At least I did not see anyone doing so. There was a dumpster located by the main entrance. You also had to leave a $ 10 deposit for the electronic gate pass and were advised that if you lost it, or it became decoded you would be charged $ 75. Don't place it by anything electronic (cell phone, etc.) and you shouldn't have a problem. I highly recommend this RV Park.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was my first stay at this campsite. I attended the "Oldies Weekend" where Joey Dee and the Starliters performed. The campsite offered a "free" Thursday night stay with the booked weekend which was a nice perk. The campground is huge. It is so big that they rent golf carts. You need one, or a car to get from some sites to the office. The campground was clean. There were three big pools, a soccer and baseball field. I hear that there are a lot of children during the summer months, and that it could get quite busy during the peak summer months. I wasn't too impressed with the campground due to it's size. I really thought it was too big. I would recommend Odetah which is around twenty minutes away. If you don't mind a big campground, you'll enjoy this one. The staff was friendly. I would return.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We were on site 49. I could not hear the traffic that others complained about in the reviews I read. The park was spotless. There are numerous activities, a game room, large stocked pond, and always a friendly staff person around to answer questions. I enjoyed the trip so much that I cancelled a July trip to Lake George and booked another four day weekend in July and August. I agree with the comments made about pets, as I did not see many around and know the restrictions (keep your pets on a leash and at your site at all times). You may NOT walk your pet in the park. I do not camp with my dog. Wi-Fi signal was adequate and free. Escorted into the campground by a worker in a golf cart which was a nice touch. He was very helpful offering an additional water hose for the long run. The campground is huge. I highly recommend it.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is our second visit to this great site. We have a 35' Fleetwood Pace Arrow and selected a pull through site (402). The site is adjacent to the fishing pond so be careful in the mosquito season. Wi-Fi signal was low, however, I am using it now and it works. Cleanliness / friendliness seems to be the order of the day here. The great part about this place is the free 24 hour shuttle to the casino which is a short four minutes away. We don't tow a dinghy vehicle, so it offers us the opportunity to get away from the campsite for a little gambling. No gambling here if you decide to come to this campsite. It's a winner!
rating [ 9/10 ]
We spent three nights in a 35' motorhome. We found the sites to be on the small size (back in). Due to the fact that we booked early in the season, we were informed that bicycles were not available. There were hardly any campers there on Thursday, which made for a quiet site. There was also no trolley service available until Saturday. The trolley ran every 30 minutes and was on time. The trolley will take you into town or to the outlet stores. The campground runs two trolleys. You cannot get on one to go to both locations. You need some form of transportation at this campground to get to the store, which is at least a half mile from the site we stayed at. I walked, however, I wouldn't want to walk back and forth several times a day. The staff was friendly. The sites were clean, and garbage cans were provided on each site and emptied daily. I would recommend the campground, and only ranked it as I did due to the small inconveniences mentioned above.
rating [ 9/10 ]
A real nice place to visit. Pet friendly. I rented a car and visited Boston (45 minute drive) and Plymouth (20 minutes). The only reason the KOA did not receive a "10" rating was the narrowness of the site. I stayed in the 200 section. If you are visiting in a motorhome, ask for a wider spot. The 500 section, which is in the back area away from restrooms/pool may be more accommodating, however I recall reading some negative comments. Besides the 2 areas visited, we checked out Crossroads RV Center which was a short ride away. The new motorhomes were incredible and just as expensive! Enjoy your stay. I would definitely recommend this campground.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was our first visit to the site. I happened to stumble upon RVparkreviews and that is where I learned of this "gem.' I reviewed each of the previous member's comments and called Turning Stones. When I mentioned what I wanted, and what I wanted to avoid, their representative chuckled. She knew that I had done my homework and was aware of some of the slightly negative comments. She assured me that I wouldn't share the previous opinions. She was correct. I stayed at site 317 in a 35' motorhome. The site was located adjacent to the fishing lake and had plenty of ample room. The campground is upstate and unfortunately it was cold at night. That proved to be a minor inconvenience as we sat by the fire. I requested a site away from the electric power lines and that caused the rep to once again chuckle. The site provided had a low Wi-Fi signal, however, I was able to connect my laptop. My speed was not effected. I didn't take a shower in the RV as the bathroom facilities were immaculate. We don't tow a vehicle and the shuttle proved to be a great way to get back and forth to the casino, which was located within a mile. It must have been part of the Indian Reservation as gas was $3.05 for regular. We walked there for cigarettes for my brother-in-law which were $ 3.99 a pack. He said that was great price.
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