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rating [ 3/10 ]
The woman chased us down as we left to "make sure" we had paid our electricity. She kept us there like a police officer, in essence, suggesting we were thieves. We had the $80.00 receipt, but she is strange and not very nice. I wonder why it's the women who run these parks like Nazi's. The men are ok, the women seem to be mental. The owner is rude, arrogant, and generally unfriendly. They are so nice when you come in, but later, not so nice. They allow large groups of drinking, dirty campers and then expect other campers to accept such behavior and filth. I would never return to this park.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We have stayed at this campground for a long time. The park owners are not nice. They are seemingly Christian and try to indoctrinate all the campers, but when there is a problem, you don't see Christian principles. In fact, so totally the opposite, that it blows your previous perceptions right out the window. The woman is not nice. She is nasty, gives really bad looks at people, and bullies campers if an issue arises. The children run the park, like children would. The cost for a monthly stay is now $380.00 but most other places with better laundry facilities and more amenities are $275.00. When it rains, you are in a mud park with 3 to 4 feet of standing water. During the summer, months go by before any weed-eating and mowing is done. WE had to weed-eat our own space in order to not have problems. They do not spray for bugs, so you are overrun with ants, and other insects. This is the worst park I have ever been in and would never, ever go back. Mostly because of that nasty woman.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The fishing dock has been repaired, the bathrooms have been remodeled and are nice and fresh, the park is quiet during the day and on Sundays, and the park has been cleaned up and repaired. The fence has been repaired. The pavilion has new picnic tables and is available for groups. On Sundays, they have church services outside during summer which is very neat. I recommend this park to travelers.
rating [ 2/10 ]
We camped next to the Jed Clampitt's who should have been in a coal-miner's park. 6 (!) construction workers in one RV, have dirty pants hanging over their awning pole for 2 days now, a pile of filthy towels on the ground outside, a barking dog, and gallon buckets of empty beer bottles, along with muddy bags, cans, and empty fan boxes under their trailer. I asked for a refund as we pulled in late and I did not see what I was camped next to, it was almost dark when we pulled in. I wish I had seen who would be next to me and how they maintain their campsite before I paid. Then was awakened very early by the workers going off to work but slamming their RV door at 5:20 a.m. This is my first ever experience with a KOA and will probably be my last. As I have only been here 2 days and have been made uncomfortable by other campers, I should have been refunded my money. I also was not able to fit my foot in the pool because it was overcrowded by kids screaming and splashing. Since people in parks aren't fair about refunds, the best I can do is tell others what kind of experience I have had, and let you make your own determination. I would NEVER return to this park. Ever notice how nice the attendants are BEFORE they take your money and then how it changes AFTER you have your receipt? This woman also chases people down in the park on her cart asking questions, and she walks around outside at night listening at trailers. Her little bit of authority. I feel like I am in a holding zoo and the animals next to me are dirty and smelly.
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