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rating [ 6/10 ]
I didn't like this park. I felt like I was camping in my driveway. We had a long, narrow site that was almost entirely concrete. We had some token strips of grass around the concrete. There are street lights that lit up everything. You are required to turn off awning lights at 1 AM. However, these street lights drowned out my awning lights. So, I don't see the point. The grass in about a 1/3 of the park was dead too. Wi-Fi is so slow we gave up on it. Cable TV is just 4:3 standard def. Otherwise, the park was very clean, mostly quiet, and well kept. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We probably won't go back.
rating [ 5/10 ]
It's a pretty park with many mature trees. They are making quite a few updates. The one bath house in the park is new with very nice, private showers - some with toilets. The negatives outweigh the positives though. Many sites are very uneven, and I couldn't get my trailer completely level. Also, there is no playground, although the campground was full of kids. People were literally stumbling down the streets drunk our first night. There were many vault toilets which could be smelled a couple of sites away. Overall, we were not impressed and won't be heading back.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This campground is the nicest campground we visited. The staff is very helpful. The facilities are exceptionally clean and well maintained. Although, they did clean the bathrooms late morning which was inconvenient. The pool is on the small side but clean. The sites are average size and paved. About 1/3 to 1/2 of them are shaded. I like camping in nature. So, I deducted a couple of points for lack of trees and the abundance of concrete. The campground is gated and you are given a hotel room key type card to get in. They have pizza and ice cream available. We loved it here and will definitely go back.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The bad: Too much concrete and too few trees. There were very few sites that had any shade. I deducted 2 pts for lack of trees and 1 for concrete pads/patios. I want to be in nature when I camp and not in a parking lot. Parts of the park felt like a mobile home park with views of the seasonals, the concrete plant, and trains running by. The screech from the trains was like nails on a chalkboard. The good: The park otherwise is extremely nice and very well maintained. The sites were big. Everything was exceptionally clean. We tended to shower in the park bathrooms as opposed to our RV since they were so clean and big. There are tons of things for kids to do. Everyone was very nice and helpful. The trains made no noise at night. Overall we will go back since we had a great time. I'll probably bring a few trees with me to plant though.
rating [ 7/10 ]
It's a pretty park covered with many mature trees. Most sites are shaded. The pads are gravel which I prefer over concrete. The pull through sites are very long. We could park our truck on either side of our camper and had room to spare. However, many of the sites are very narrow. Some people could barely get their awnings open. The people working here are very pleasant. Bathrooms and showers are exceptionally clean. The noise from the local race track could be heard. But, it wasn't unbearable and only occurred one night. It's a no frills park: no pool, cable, activities, etc. So, bring your own entertainment. There are several places to visit in the area. The park was less than 1/2 full even though Frankenmuth was having a festival. The park could double the size of their lots and not lose any money. Overall, we would stay here again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We were not impressed at first and were initially disappointed that there were so few trees. However, after staying there a little while, we were quite pleased. We did not miss the trees. They would have blocked the view of the lake anyway. There is a lot to do and see here. We enjoyed our stay and will go back. It is quite windy at times though. We couldn't keep the awning up long.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Sites 105 and below are very large, wooded, peaceful, and very nice. Some are landscaped. However, I believe most are privately owned and do not normally become available until 2 weeks before your stay. The staff indicated the "island" sites may not ever be available. Sites above 105 are in a newer section. They are much smaller sites with few trees. These sites are not very nice but are adequate if you plan to spend the day elsewhere. All sites have gravel pads which are fairly level. The beach is small but clean and nice. The boat launch is next to it. I would recommend this park only if you can get site 105 or below. I would give the park a 10 if the wooded sites were available to anyone at anytime.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This park is beautiful. There is so much to do here. Several of the sites are shaded. It's full of mature trees. Some lots back to the woods. Being in the woods, the bugs can be persistent at times. So, bring repellent. There are a few sites that are pretty sloped. We had to change sites because our first site was too sloped. The bathrooms and showers were not well maintained and didn't always work. You showered with spiders. The men showers shared a common changing area. It was quiet during the week and filled up as the weekend approached. Despite all of that, it is worth staying here and we plan to go back.
rating [ 1/10 ]
It was a trailer park with a few RV sites. Many of the available/open lots had electric meters on them for permanent residents. A majority of the full time resident's trailers were run down and falling apart. We felt uncomfortable being there and we left. We would definitely not stay here.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Bathrooms were not very clean: muddy floors, hairy showers. The campground was like a large parking lot with some grass and mostly weeds. There are very few mature trees and almost no shade. Some of the sites were VERY small. Our site was pretty spacious though. We had FHU. Overall, we were not impressed and will not be going back.
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