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rating [ 7/10 ]
The two miles of beach is what sells this one! We went to sleep with the sound of the waves pounding at the beach which was just a short walk away. We had to get back on the road, but it looks like there is a lot to do here with a nature center that offers programs. The bathrooms would have been cleaner if someone had shut the doors at night. Everything was filled with bugs in the morning after they were attracted to the lights. There were also items left in the shower area ranging from clothes to beer bottles. The sites were big - you did not have any reason to be on top of your neighbors. In fact, there was room to set our pop-up sideways with the door opening to the beach area walkway, and was able to turn our van & camper by just making a U-turn. The kids had the opportunity to fish for small crabs on the beach and to see some bigger ones along the walkway just outside our tent. We only spent one night here, but all left wishing we could have spent two.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Quiet time was not enforced. There were three families hanging out around one site's campfire until 3:00 am. We asked them at 1:00 am to please quiet down & they said I was rude. I told the management when we were leaving and they said they were sorry, but didn't offer any compensation of any type. There was a huge sign at the entrance that said "No campfires after midnight". That was not enforced which led to people staying up partying. The pool was clean, but has some odd rules. You are not allowed in the pool area alone or in the hot tub unless you are 19 or over. The area is monitored by video camera and they WILL reprimand you.
rating [ 8/10 ]
One thing we liked is that they let us drive around and pick out a site, rather than tell us where to go. They had a quiet time and it was patrolled by a security guard in a golf cart. We had no trouble sleeping here. The sound of ocean waves didn't hurt, either! They have both a full size pool, and a large wading pool for the little ones. The roads back to the campsites could use some improvements. The bathrooms and showers were conveniently placed and clean with separate sinks for dishes. We don't remember seeing a single campsite that did not have shade. There is a really nice beach: Goose Rocks Beach, just down the road. You can only park there with a permit, which the campground sells for $5, but you don't need after 6:00 PM. We really enjoyed watching the tide rise and fall right behind our camper. We were in the most eastern part of the campground at the back. Did we mention that this place was QUIET?
rating [ 10/10 ]
Wow! This was the Hilton of campgrounds! We were on a 12 day trip from Michigan to the East Coast & back and this was by far the nicest place we stayed. They have 4 pools (one was indoor). A huge rec room with a kids area and adult area. Many planned activities for the kids. Baseball games, soccer games, disk golf, fishing, and a playground. (Just to name some!) They have a concierge to help you with your travel plans. They have two computers with internet access that are free to use. We were escorted to our site by a ranger who immediately stated the rules about quiet time and how they were enforced. When that time arrived - it was quiet - hard to believe with 400 sites! They have a staff of 125 employees and the campground shows it. Bathrooms are modern with all the latest in automatic fixtures. There were so many men & boys cutting the grass that I lost count. Someone was re-staining a fence that was starting to show just a tiny bit of wear. They are on top of things!!! The office area had about 10 people working in it with about 5 people just taking reservations and checking in campers. We heard they received the Campground of the Year award in 2005 and we can see why!!!
rating [ 3/10 ]
Worn out and out-dated. The staff was friendly, but the office area and store was a complete mess (guess that should have gave us an idea to keep going). The bathrooms were dirty with a lot of spiders and cobwebs. The men's room light bulb was burned out over the sink, making it impossible to shave. (It didn't look like it had just burned out that day.) A lot of trash and empty beer bottles laying around. The playground area had 10" tall grass. The putt-putt course was in serious need of help. Right across from our site there was a backhoe/tractor that looked like it had been parked there for years.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This park it outdated, cramped and dirty. It looks like it's heyday was in the 1970's and nothing has been updated since. The bathrooms were dirty with cobwebs and spiders. There was standing water (we hope it was water) nearly covering the men's bathroom floors. The arcade and putt-putt course have seen better days. Half of the games didn't work and the carpet was coming up on the putt-putt. The pool had stuff floating in it - lots of little styrofoam bits and other things. A little girl urinated on the cement at the top of the stairs. Her dad just laughed and no one else did anything about it. Would it have been to hard to come out with a hose and some bleach? The campground had a amusement park sized carrousel that they only ran for about 30 minutes during daylight hours. More on that later! We got a site at this campground at about 7:30 PM on a Saturday night. Upon arrival my first question was, "Do you have an enforced quiet time?" I was told that it was 11:00 and a security guard patrolled the park all night. This is quite important to me as my husband and one of our sons are very light sleepers. They were having a "shindig" that night with a country band playing with dancing. That was scheduled till 11:00. As we knew it would be impossible to sleep with that going on, we took the boys to the arcade and also played a few holes on the aging putt-putt course. The band quit shortly after 11:00 and there was still quite a bit of noise as the campers returned to their sites (so we thought). We turned in and waited for things to quiet down. At about 11:30 we heard a motor start up. At first I was thinking that the seasonal campers next to us had a generator (forgetting in my exhausted state that they had electricity). About five minutes went by and our 11 year old unzipped the window to see what the noise was. "Mom! It's the carrousel!" I thought he was kidding, but there it was! At first I thought it was kids horsing around, but no one came and turned it off! I had had enough. I knew we had a long drive ahead of us the next day - especially my husband - so I decided to go to the office and ask what was going on. As I was walking there the MUSIC for the carrousel came on full blast. The owners wife was just locking up the store for the night and I asked her why the carrousel was running. She replied (in a tone like she couldn't believe this would bother anyone) that maybe he would turn the music off. I explained that wouldn't be good enough - the thing sounded like a semi running outside of our camper. I asked what happened to the "Quiet Time" I was told about. She got mad and told me I'd have to speak to her husband. When we got to the carrousel, she told her husband that "this lady wants the music turned off". I replied, "No I want the whole thing turned off, It's after 11:30 PM." She got mad and shoved me. A crowd started developing and the conversation got louder and my husband could hear so he came out to see what was happening. I told him that the owner's wife shoved me and she denied it. Her husband then started screaming at us that they don't want "our kind" in his park and we should leave. Another person (not sure if he was an employee) kept getting in my husbands face saying, "I ain't afraid of you" like he was trying to provoke a fight. One lady screamed at us that we were ruining her kids fun. My husband replied that they should be in bed at that hour! All we wanted was peace & quiet. We were there three and a half hours and they refused to give us a refund. Is this how they treat their paying guests? If you're looking for a party spot to stay up all night and get drunk, you've found the right place. If you're looking for a good family campground where you can get some sleep - keep driving.
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