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rating [ 4/10 ]
This is a small park STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Has several sites that are concrete slabs with hookups (Water,sewage and electric only). Park sets behind a small RV repair and sales shop. Small unpaved dirt road that provides access to the park is through the New RV display lot next to the repair shop. Property that park sets on has serious drainage issues and floods during a heavy rain. Area around slabs outside the little bit of gravel there is stays muddy/soggy. Okay for a night stay but any longer would not be relaxing or enjoyable. Park is better suited to the contractors that come through the area. Not a family park. No amenities and not close to any attractions.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This park lists as being on the water but over half the lots are on gravel next to a shrimp packing plant. Semis and large trucks coming and going at all hours. Very noisy and dusty and not the waterfront paradise this place advertises as.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Stayed in a cabin on the grounds. When I checked in I paid in cash but was still asked for my credit card number. This raised a red flag. Had a shaded area where I could barbecue but the Mosquitoes were so bad that it was difficult to do anything outside at any given time of the day. Well water smelled funny and left a sticky feeling after bathing. I checked out, the cabin was cleared by the manager yet 2 weeks later I started getting emails about, "How a set of dishes was missing," out of the cabin. There were no dishes in the cabin, I had brought my own, so this caught me by surprise. The manager and I had done a walk through of the cabin before I left, and she had accepted it. I resent being called a thief over a cheap set of dishes much less anything else. Think twice before staying here. If you do, be very careful about using your credit card. I canceled my card shortly after leaving here to avoid any fraudulent charges and contacted the local sheriff about the matter.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This RV park (advertises as being in Sobol,Okla OR Broken Bow which is 30 plus miles away) is in a very remote area-Poor/NON EXISTENT cell access and the wireless promised in the Park's website is mediocre at best. No cable. If you have medical concerns and need ready access to medical care you may want to think twice about staying here. Well water has a strong odor; bring bottled water for drinking/cooking. Sites are not level and set on a slope-Park is clean but offers nothing in the way of amenities. WORST OF ALL is the conduct of management. Petty malicious AND OPEN gossip with other guests about where and how I make my living. That "I am dealing drugs. That I am drunk, I had my trash rummaged through (The owner's answer was to remove my trash barrel), my trailer vandalized and the contents of my vehicle scrutinized. I am a single female traveling on my own. (Keep to myself, don't drink or do drugs) and have just returned from Iraq. All I wanted was some peace and quiet and NOT to be bothered. (The trailer that I have is older but is my home for now). What I GOT WAS HARASSED. NEVER, ever will I return to this park. Would I recommend this place to anyone? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!
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