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rating [ 1/10 ]
We stayed there for 2 months during the late summer time. It only has 2 sites for big rigs, and 2 sites for toy haulers. The Wi-Fi that is advertise as great service only works in the office. That is the only place the modem hook up is too, and not at your RV site. None of the internet service is secure at all. The none metered sites run 110 service into the 220 plugs and ruin you RV's electrical systems by forcing it all into a single 110 circuit. Hope you don't have any problems after office hours cause the manager will give you one heck of an attitude that will make you pack her up and go find another RV park in the middle of the night. They get paid to make your stay miserable. The grass is never cut or when it is it is just a little here and a little there. You can't even play on the horse shoe pit cause you can't even see it any more. Do your self a big favor, and stop by the park. Take a picture of the great views, and then drive off as fast as you can. Please find another RV park. If you don't, and stay here just remember I gave you all the warnings you needed. Oh ya I forgot to mention that what ever happens to your rig as a result of the park. They will claim NO fault of theirs. Even when the power is not up to code not even 1980's electrical codes.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This was a nice little park. The owners are some of the nicest people that we have met. We stayed here in the winter on the start of our trip across the USA. It was very cold out, but very warm in the pop up, if you could believe that. The owners did not take our word for it, and was very worried about us. They went out of their way to make sure that we had everything we needed. Even though we had all we needed they insisted on us eating with them, and enjoyed a hot meal with them. It was something that you don't have happen to often now a days. That is to find people like this still on this planet. Humanity may still have a chance. That's what we took from our stay here. I would drive 200 miles out of my way just to stay there again, if I am ever in that part of the county again. They are the only people that I NEED to, and have to send a x-mas card too. THE BEST
rating [ 6/10 ]
This was a very friendly park. Everybody seemed really nice, and tried to make our stay as good as it could be. They don't have a lot to offer, but that was known before we decided to stay anyways. It is a none alcoholic camp ground, and that means you can't have any alcohol. I don't drink, so no big deal to me. My wife does like to have some wine with dinner, so we only stayed for one night. They went as far as to make my wife dump out the rest of the wine my wife had. If you stay be sure to say you don't have any alcohol. I was not about to dump my 100 dollar bottles of wine, so we just said we had the one. That night we had tuna fish sandwiches, and no wine with that meal. That was all we could do though with out the wine. I just couldn't take the wife after two nights with no wine. Don't get me wrong I had a lot of wine that night, but it was just the old lady talking about not having any wine. Other then that it was a good place to stay. It was clean and quiet.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This was the second RV park we stayed at here in WA. It was a very nice place to stay. Paved and level sites that even had a fire pit. Lots of trails all around. It is on the larger size as far as parks go, but very well spread out. This is more the family type park. Great place to walk around and meet all kinds of nice people. I would stay here anytime with out a second thought. Beautiful area to be in right under the Mt. Rainier shadows. The only bad thing we found out was that you will have to travel to find food of any kind though.
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