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rating [ 9/10 ]
Nice but small campground next to a stream with a view of small falls. The owners are friendly and put money back into the campground yearly. The sites are level and the bathrooms are very clean. A nice place to retreat and relax, esp. in the evening with the sound of the falls on the rocks. Good fishing in the stream also. Just be careful if you decide to get into the water and wear watersocks or shoes because there is a lot of broken glass around. The only other problem we have with the campground is that it is not paved. There are also nice cabins there for rent and yearly camper storage available. This campground is also near Yatesville Lake. It is actually closer to the lake marina than Yatesville Lake State Park is.
rating [ 9/10 ]
A nice and quiet park that is relaxing, shaded, and has a nice lake to fish in. Only one playground though. There is a nice stream for them to wade in but there have been copperhead snakes found around the stream, especially in early spring so it is important to supervise children when around the stream. Nice staff and there is a mini golf course also.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We camp here every year in June when we attend A Helping Hand Adoption Agency's yearly picnic and the children love it here. It is their favorite campground that we have been to. There is a lot of shade and trees, level sites, activities, trash pick-up daily, and the bathrooms are relatively clean. Lots of friendly campers and the staff is nice.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a nice and clean campground with wide sites that offer privacy. We did find it not to be real child friendly. There are no activities for children except one playground, which is okay. The problem we have is that with small children we like to be close to the playground and there are NO sites even within sight of it. The bathhouses are clean but the showers are very aggravating. The way they operate is by pushing the knob and the water runs for 2 minutes or so and then goes off and needs pushed again. By the time the water is beginning to get warm it goes off again. I like to froze to death in there. For that, we will never camp there again. We keep our pontoon boat at the marina there and have found it to be closer to stay at The Falls Campground. The state park campground is quite a distance from the marina.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a nice and quiet shaded campground that is good for children and adults. It is peaceful and not overly crowded. Several pull throughs available. The restrooms were relatively clean. There are activities there such as a playground, mini golf, cave exploring, and canoeing. Nice place to stay.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This campground is family friendly, clean, well-kept, as many of Kentucky State Park Campgrounds are, and at a reasonable rate. It has a nice lake also. The only problems we found at the campground we that there is only one playground, not a lot of security, and several uneven sites. We were there for the whole weekend from Friday until Monday and during the weekend, many children were riding mopeds, which is against the rules, and motor scooters. I personally do not have a problem with it and my children were riding them as well but Sunday after a fully packed campground had cleared up, they decided to start security patrolling and my child was warned harshly about riding his scooter and was it was pointed out to us that it is against the rules, even though it is not posted anywhere in the park. I didn't have a problem with him not being able to ride it if it is against the rules, but why wait until most of the park is cleared out to start enforcing the rules. We felt like they should have been ppatrolling during the busiest time instead of waiting when everyone left to begin.
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