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rating [ 1/10 ]
We stayed here over July 4th weekend. That will be the last time! I will not camp there again, nor would I ever recommend it. To start, we got "yelled" at (literally) for having our dog on the playground. I didn't see the "no dog" sign 50ft up the road from the playground entrance. Our sites were very unlevel, and there were bees in the electric box that we had to spray ourselves. We were not allowed to face our trailers toward each other. There is no electric water heaters allowed. Water is horrible. It smells bad and is discolored. My dogs wouldn't drink it; we had to give them bottled water all weekend. I flushed my lines, and replaced the water filter in the trailer when we got home. While we were there, four or five other units all traveling together pulled in at the same time. They were planning on staying over a week. Another elderly couple who was also with them were not staying at the campground. This gentleman asked the lady at the office if there was a pass or something he could get to come and meet them each morning for breakfast, and then the whole group would leave for the day to go sightseeing. She informed him that he had to pay 8 dollars a day (visitor rate) for him and his wife to do this. She told him that he should have rented one of their cabins for the week. He then informed her that he had called for one, but they were all rented. The lady in the office said she had just rented one because there was a no-show the previous night. The older gentleman threw his hands up in the air and walked out of the office. I don't blame him! The owners really need to work on their "people skills."
rating [ 8/10 ]
Great campground. Family and children's activities planned. We stay here about 3-5 times yearly. Owners are very pleasant and keep the place very tidy. Pool is nice. They have Amish baked goods, food trailer, and adult tournaments (blongo ball etc.) I highly recommend.
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