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rating [ 7/10 ]
Been here before, both short and long-term. Owner is nice and to the point, but is also more than willing to spend some time talking as well. There is an established number of long-term, including myself. Most everyone here is friendly and outgoing. There are train tracks near, but you won't feel them. Some will hear them, but still isn't overly intrusive. The highway can get noisy at times, but is still manageable. Wi-Fi coverage has improved dramatically since the addition of a central repeater and antenna, even those with metal skins can get a signal inside their units. Grounds keeping is on site, and they do try to maintain the lots when vacant. If you need help with your unit, others are here as well. Inquire with the owner for who to talk to. Families have stayed here, kids are able to use the pool (no lifeguard) and playground. There are also pavilions that have BBQ pits (propane and charcoal) as well as fire rings that are able to accommodate some large fires. Walking trails are located on the backside of the park, blackberry bushes are numerous but depend on weather and time of year as they are wild. Bath house is relatively new, at least 3 showers in each, haven't been able to run it out of hot water yet... Owner keeps an eye on things, drives around several times a day giving only a wave and mail if you have it. He is always wiling to talk for a few minutes, can give great information on local attractions and events. Though there is a lack of shade trees, trees have been planted and we are just waiting for them to grow.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Where to start... Make sure that you have reservation. If you come in after hours without one, you will have to find a spot, and then check in when open in morning. Except, they don't tell you where a 5th wheel can park. I took a spot with a Class A on one side, shorter 5th wheel on other side, and long (40'?) 5th wheel in front. They made me move next day because I was not long enough (33', crewcab longbed F250), but complained that truck bed stuck out too far into street after I got 5th parked with as much parking room as I could make. Told them to shove it, they should have left me alone to begin with. Staff can be rude, and in full denial that they are wrong. That being said, overall it was nice. Laundry is open 24/7, cheapest washers and dryers you will see in a campground (seriously!), WiFi didn't work, they said problem was with my equipment. They didn't know that I was IT, and diagnosed their problem to flaky range extender. Park is next door to Trader's Village, make sure that you have a Sunday to kill walking around the flea market. Also make sure that you have plenty of storage space too for the goodies. Make sure to stop by Obie-Q's spot in the metal buildings. There is a heliport / airport next door to the campground as well, can be noisy during day and early morning. On weekends, can hear irritating announcement from public address speakers in flea markets. Announcements typically are for the vendors, repeated several times, and in English and Spanish. Getting In and Out of the park is a royal pain, especially on Saturday and Sunday flea market traffic (which uses separate entrance gates) will snake around all nearby roads for 2 or 3 miles. Keep this in mind, the bigger you are, the more chance you have to get through the traffic. They seem to be more accommodating when they recognize that you can't stop quickly and are headed for them. I would not stay here again for rest and relaxation, but I would if I was only here for the flea market on the weekend.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Wasn't there very long, arrived at 3:30am, and departed about 11am. Just needed a place to get off the road, charge my batteries, and take care of my tanks (dump and fill). Got it done, and out the door. Everybody did seem nice enough. If there after hours, pull to side of building (nite checkin) and see if there are any sheets in the slots. If there are, then there is space available. If you don't see anything, and no reservation, then your out of luck.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Great place to stay, can go fishing, watch / chase ducks, friendly patrons and management. Park has new managers, and they are working hard to get park up to date. Most sites have 50/30/20AMP service, local phone connections (through phone company, no park), but no cable tv. There are many channels via antenna however. WiFi access is $8 per month, no refunds on the down days. Best to have external antenna though. There is a little league baseball field next door, the bright lights during the warm months might bother you, but I liked it because I could watch the kids play with their heart, not for a paycheck. It is located on a fairly busy street, pulling out from only entrance is a bit chancy, as their is a curve from the Northbound lanes that you have to pull into (if Northbound) or across (if Southbound). Might be a problem if driving a big rig.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Stayed one night, no problems. Staff was helpful, even loaned us bleach when we discovered that we had a leak in valve for black tank. Bleach was to sterilize the small puddle under valve. Nothing really outstanding about the park, just a nice quiet place to stay. Smith RV also located about .5 miles from park as well.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Overall, the campground is nice. Owners are very courteous and helpful, willing to help you out if you have a problem (or forgot your hoses). Mineral pools are great, he is trying to find a way to clean quicker. WiFi is spotty, but no charge to use it if you are able to get it. Not exactly quiet, with noise / music from patrons as well as Ron's concerts, but are tolerable. Ron isn't a bad singer either. Then come the trains. They are close enough that you can just about hit the train with a rock. Showers are pay-type. As the other reviewer stated, Space #14 is right next to another ht spring. It bubbles and gurgles all through the night, smell is overwhelming of rotten eggs. Oh, there is a rotten egg throughout the park, but the same smell is throughout Thermopolis as well. It is from the hot mineral springs. If you are coming in late at night, no problem. If you want a pull through, just drop the flag / rope that leads through the grass area, and pull into a spot. Check in in the morning. There isn't really any set check-in / check-out time, which makes it nice. Won't be long until it is abused, I am sure. Would stay there again.
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