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rating [ 1/10 ]
We would not recommend this place unless you are desperate to visit NYC with no where else to stay. We are convinced they double book and then bump customers or force them to the dry storage area. We made a reservation 2 weeks ahead for a 30 amp site. We got a call late in the day prior to our arrival telling us there was a problem and our site was given away by an inept employee who has been fired and they said they could give us a 20 amp site instead. We told them that was not acceptable so they said they had another site but it would be tight. When we arrived our site was so tight we were literally inches from the other unit. We were also told that there was no room for our vehicle. When we got to the site there was no water and the electricity didn't work. At this time there were at least 10 other sites open but they refused to allow us one of those sites. They then told us they would refund our money and we could leave if we didn't like our site. That was not possible for us since we had already traveled 200 miles and spent $100 on gas and also had purchased theater tickets. We asked if they would also reimburse us for those as well and they said we would just have to sue them. After a heated exchange of words they finally agreed to get us water hose extension and finally got the power to work so we had no alternative but to stay. We had camped at this place for years and never had a problem with the old owners. Now that it is under new management the customer service is horrendous. They don't care about their customers since they have no competition in the area. At first we thought maybe we just had a bad day or it was a fluke but after talking to some other campers who had complaints and reading many negative reviews on other sites we realized this seemed to par for the course at this place now. If you do go there be prepared to find another place to stay if need be and bring a generator and water in as you get bumped or moved to the dry storage area as some have been forced to do. We will never return to this place again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We were pleasantly surprised at this campground. Although we find most KOA's are similar some tend to be better, or worse, than others. However this one was excellent. It was a very busy weekend because of the free night offer but things went very smoothly checking in. The sites are beautifully rustic with woods surrounding each site. It gave more privacy and did not seem cramped as some campgrounds do. Sites were pretty level and roads were all paved which made bike riding very easy. We did not use the pool but it looked very clean. Grounds were well kept and the restrooms and laundry were very clean and well stocked. The camp store was also very well stocked and large. Also on the premises was a small coffee shop with a very nice deck that served hot dogs (although a bit pricy), pizza and coffee, muffins etc. Free pancakes were given in the mornings however the lines were a bit long. They could have used more help cooking and serving. They had a very nice dog park and a scenic walking trail as well. The area in general had lots of nice restaurants for off site dining and there was no traffic. We found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. They did charge for overnight guests however contrary to their website policy of only vehicle per site they did allow our guests to park at our site if there was room without blocking the road, which we felt was fair. We will return to this KOA again as we found it to be one of the best if not the best KOA's.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This has to be the worst campground we have ever stayed at.This was our 2nd time here. Our first visit was in Oct so we gave them the benefit of the doubt since it was the end of the season. This time Memorial Day weekend was just as bad. Many seasonals most of whom do not keep up their property. Staff was uncaring about problems.Both times the sites we had reserved had been given away to someone else and they had no idea how that happened both times. There is absolutely no organization. The store is a joke with about 10 items. The pool was old and unkempt. Abandoned junk cars were parked all over the park. Grass was not cut. Some of the sites were level or grassy but not too many. The worst part was that our air conditioner was acting funny only to find out that the power was not up to amp. It was supposed to be 30 amp and someone told us that they had a power problem. When I asked they said that the boro cuts them back every holiday so we would just have to cut back our usage. This is on an 80 degree day, with pets in our trailer. No discount because the power is cut back. They told me this happens every holiday and there is nothing they can do about it. However they never mentioned this when we checked in. So now we may have damaged our air conditioner by trying to run it on what we "thought" was 30 amps but wasn't. I might mention that their office was nice and cool with the AC running full blast while they told us we would have to cut back our usage. We will never camp here again. It's a dirty, unkempt park with staff who could care less. There is a KOA very nearby this campground that is 110% better in every way.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We stayed at this campground on Sept 12-14 and will NEVER return there. When we arrived it was pouring rain and the sites they gave us were literally in a lake. We were in water up to our ankles trying to set up. The sites were not at all level and were all mud. One of the electrical outlets was broken and we were afraid we were going to get electrocuted if we attempted to use it. We went to the office and asked if there was any way we could move to higher ground since we could not even get in or out of our doors without being in a lake. The lady in the office was very rude, no personality, and said no our sites were assigned and she could not move us. There were plenty of open sites on higher ground and we asked why we could not move there ( there were three parties with us) and once again she very rudely said no so we were forced to park in a lake with mud all around us and the smell of sewage. The wi fi did not work at all and there is no cable. You can get 3 stations with an antenna IF you are lucky. We did not use the pool. The restrooms/showers looked like they were in the process of being painted so the mirrors were all down. There one one little bottle of hand soap at the sink ( one bottle for ALL of the sinks) and there was a tiny bit of soap in it. The next day someone had added water to the bottle and there was no soap to wash your hands. The entire time we were there it smelled of sewage and we hoped that what we were walking in and standing in was not sewer water. We will never camp at this campground again. We should have known when we first made the reservation because the person who took the reservation was rude. I guess that was a sign of things to come.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed here over the 4th of July holiday to watch the fireworks and it is a perfect site. Reiterating what previous posters have said it is not your conventional campground, but it does have it's own "personality" so to speak. The staff leaves a lot to be desired, not very friendly or helpful but we did not have to have much interaction with them, thank goodness. One thing that really ticked us off was that they stressed time and time again that they do not "reserve" spots, it's first come first serve as far as particular sites go as long as you have a reservation. Well to our dismay when we arrived half of the park had "reserved" signs posted and we had to choose the last spot left. When I inquired about this in the office they said "oh well we have a caravan coming". Well we felt that they should abide by their first come first serve rule for EVERYONE. What's good for one should be good for another. If they only take reservations for as many sites as they have then the caravan should have enough spots, they don't need to have the best spots in the center of the park reserved for them. If you are one of the caravan then I'm sorry if you are offended but it's not fair to the other paying customers to have to take the "leftovers" when we made our reservations early.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Great park. We stayed here over the Memorial Day weekend and as expected it was packed. We thought it just a tad too close, but all in all it was a nice place. The office staff were helpful and nice, the store well stocked and they handed out very informative info pages to all guests. We will stay there again.
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