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rating [ 3/10 ]
I thought this campground was pretty nice and perfectly situated between the Blue Ridge Parkway and the New River. Unfortunately some of the permanent residents that take up 75% (my guess) of the campground aren't so nice. We took our dogs with us (as always) and our puppy likes to talk (bark) to people as they walk by. However we were always right there to quiet her. So even if she barked at somebody it was only once or twice, not non-stop. But we were called to the office and told they had multiple complaints from the residents. The lady at the desk offered to give me a refund if I wanted to leave a day early (politely telling me to leave) and she told me we would not be allowed to bring our dogs back, to which I replied promptly that she wouldn't have to worry because I would never come back. The funny thing is that we walked our dogs multiple times while we were there and they never made a peep when we walked but we heard all kinds of dogs barking at us as we would walk by the permanent campers sites. I guess we just got the feeling that they really didn't want us weekend campers there and it was a very clicker-permanent-camper type of place. So all that on top of having to pay cash for the site, and being nickel-and-dimes for everything like having kids, using your water heater, using your air conditioner, etc., is why I gave the rating I did.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We enjoy going to Hillsville and camping here but since it's been under new ownership a lot has changed. They got rid of quite a few rv sites along the lake front and put in cabins. The staff aren't as friendly as the prior owners either.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We stay at Pirateland campground every Labor Day and Memorial Day weekend and we love it. The staff are friendly and the facilities are wonderful. We love having the ocean within walking distance and the kids love the lazy river.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We have camped at Yogi In the Smokies many times over the years and have always had a wonderful experience, until this last time. We have two 8-year-old dogs that we have taken camping with us for years. We recently acquired another stray puppy that we have adopted, taking our total to 3 dogs. Well this was our first camping trip we made with all 3 dogs and were very apprehensive about the new puppy and how well she would do. Well it turned out that she was wonderful and our other two dogs are always good and we had no problems with any of them barking or scaring other campers. Well we were taking them out on a regular potty walk when the manager of the campground came up behind us in his golf cart. The first words out of his mouth were to ask us how we "Smuggled" 3 dogs into the campground. We thought he was just trying to make small talk with us and was joking around. But he kept following us with the cart and asked once again how we "Smuggled" the dogs in. I finally stopped and turned to him and asked what he meant by his question. His reply was that the rules stated that only 2 dogs max were allowed in the campground and we obviously snuck the 3 dogs in. I promptly replied that we didn't "Smuggle" anything into the campground and that we informed the campground we had dogs when we registered. He then proceeded to inform us that he would let us stay with the dogs this time but we would never be allowed to come back with 3 dogs. So I promptly informed him that we wouldn't be coming back if that was the case. He then mumbled something under his breath that sounded like "that's fine by me" and proceeded to drive on. My wife and I continued to walk the dogs in silence after that because both of us were so stunned we just didn't know what to say. We talked with multiple campers around us that had seen or heard what had happened and it sounded like the other campers weren’t happy with the staff either. I can't speak for the other camper's experiences but the rest of the staff seemed friendly to us and didn't say anything about having 3 dogs whenever we walked them. We also checked the rules on the flyer that they hand to us at check-in and it said nothing about a maximum number of dogs. When we got home we also checked the rules on their website and found nothing their either. My guess is if they have a rule like that, it’s unwritten or in the legal jargon that you are supposed to read before you sign when you check in but I’m guessing it’s probably not their either. Anyway, the manager's accusatory remarks and tone was enough to make us never want to go back.
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