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rating [ 1/10 ]
Would not stay ever again! Found out that they are using cameras in their rest rooms. (Local NBC news station reported this). Another family of RV'ers brought this to my attention when we stayed here. I could not believe what I was seeing! SHAME ON YOU! I will never camp again!
rating [ 10/10 ]
While I am new to this RVing thing, I must say that this was the best place I have stayed so far. Wide and Clean spaces. Wonderful staff people at the camp office. Door codes are used for showers and laundry room. The showers are "CLEAN"! Real Clean! Very Handicapped friendly too. I am a smoker, and they ask that you clean up your cig butts and keep them off the grounds which is "A-OK" with me. Don't blame them at all. Pet owners have a wonderful pet walk and a scooper for Bowzer's mess to pick up with and dispose of. If you are going out to eat don't bother going South on Main Street, just go North and that will put you in touch with all types of eateries. Swimming pool was closed, I suppose that they close it like most around Labor Day Weekend.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This started out to be a wonderful campout. Then the second day we were there the Camp Manager came around with several others to make it known that there was a major water leak to the tune of about 60,000 gallons lost on the first night that we were there. So there was only going to be the Push Button Cold Showers available at the shower stalls. But the water was cut off by that evening with no water at all. Then on day three no one came to tell us that the water line had been fixed. Well it was too late then to do anything but leave. We had already packed up and ready to move on. Check in time is 4:00 PM and check out time is suppose to be at 2:00 PM. Like others here the views are spectacular! The fishing is usually good too. Non-Resident Licenses are about $30.00 for 5 Days. It is 7 miles to Santa Rosa from this campground.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Park is being used mainly by some "pipe line crews" that are working in the area. Park also has some long term residents.
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