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rating [ 9/10 ]
Good park, stayed a week. WiFi was sketchy but good in the large laundry room! Cell phone reception was bad. Great, friendly management, large gift shop and some food available, including ice cream parlor. They hire a lot of school kids to help in the summer. Bathrooms were very clean after pointing out a few deficiencies to the managers. Great showers for handicapped people, individual stalls with a wooden seat that folds down inside and across the dressing area door which provides good, stable dressing bench. Suggest you ask for sites closer to the road. It is not noisy and the sites are grassy and larger so you are not stacked like cord wood. Lower large RV sites are very close together with no screening shrubs. Management considered handicapped needs in placing us in site. Reserve early however. Would definitely stay here again. WiFi service should be better next time! Very close to Glacier National Park's eastern entrance and amenities there.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice pull-though sites. Bathrooms cleaned daily, but needed to point out filty underside of toilet seat. Clean from then on. High use of showers so get yours early or in evening after they have been cleaned. Shower and toilet together in private room. Good handicapped shower/toilet area. Nice lake view on some sites. Management put us in nice sites close to bathrooms due to disability. Have stayed several times. Don't feed the ducks!
rating [ 2/10 ]
We looked this campground over as an alternative to Sea and Sand. It is full of old, very ill kept trailers. Obviously lots of permanent trailers with lots of trashy areas around them. Decided to pass on this park. Did not even bother to check restroom cleanliness.
rating [ 3/10 ]
When we checked in the WiFi was not working. Manager's attitude was: Don't have a computer so I don't care. When it came back on, performance was sketchy which is unusual for Nomad. Cost was $11 per week. Bathrooms were only cleaned 1 time, and not very well at that, in the 14 days we were there. However, paper supply was kept up and trash dumped. Showers had little privacy, there was a good bench for dressing however. We found showering in the evening was good, it hadn't been cleaned anyway and there was more privacy and no wait. It was 25 cents for 5 minutes of water. Wear your aqua shoes as there looks like years of dirt on the floors. Put the quarter in, the water turns on. Hot water did seem plentiful, even too hot at times and you could not adjust temperature. Handicapped grab bars were in wrong places and absolutely no help at all getting in and out of shower, or up and down in toilet area. No place to put soap except dirty floor. Trailer forest sites are very small, barely got our 25-foot, 1 slide-out in and could barely park the car cross-ways on the gravel pad in front of it to stay off the road. Parking or leaving, you had to be careful not to hit the car in site next to you. Next door neighbor could reach out and touch our trailer from his lawn chair. We had to keep curtains closed for privacy day and night. They tried to park too big of rigs in very small spaces designed for 50 years ago as this park is probably that old. Big rigs in our area had to park tow vehicles in overflow parking areas, after making very tight turns to park. Only one way in, downhill, and same way out, uphill. So road was blocked frequently by big rigs having trouble parking. There are higher priced, larger sites down next to the ocean. You need to reserve these 1 year in advance we were told. No shade in this area. Three accesses to the beach, all very, very steep, could not do it with my bad knee. This park could be made a lot more agreeable with friendlier management, clean bathrooms, and dependable WiFi.
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