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rating [ 8/10 ]
Lots of trees and cement pads. There is an upper and lower section of the park. We stayed in the upper section which is closer to the office. This worked out fine for us as we are self contained for laundry and shower etc. The lower sites are nearer to the two lakes (at the time only one is stocked) that are quite nice,. In the lower section you are also closer to the Laundry, rec room with a large TV, and restrooms/showers. (all nice and clean). So if you prefer to use these facilities, you should stay in the lower level. Just be aware that Hwy 231 is nearby and you can hear it louder at the lower level than the upper level. Also, one of the women that was working in the office stated that one of the buildings on the site is where she has her spa and she offers massage. Overall, it is a lovely park and we plan to stay again next year.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I love this park. It is clean and relaxing with the Ocean and beautiful Marina just steps away and restaurants also steps away if you are interested. It is secure and pleasantly appointed. We will continue to come here every chance we get. HOWEVER!! BE WARNED they have embarked on some rather extensive and noisy repairs. We were not informed of this when we made reservations and when we checked in and noticed that some concrete pads had been broken up. Next thing we hear machinery lifting the chunks of concrete and dumping them loudly in a truck with back up beeping and all. OK. We weren't pleased, but then the next morning, we awoke to the sound of a jackhammer breaking up the site right next to us! Not a hand held jackhammer, but a large industrial one that you actually drive. Also, the pool was closed for repairs. What really disappointed me was that one one told us of this when we made reservations. (They claimed later they didn't have enough notice.) Even if that was true, they also did not tell us this when we checked in. Some friends of ours made reservations to come down to stay with us a couple of days. They were also not told of the work being done and when they tried to cancel their reservations after talking to us, were told there would be a cancellation fee of $25. When they told the office that they were aware of jackhammering going on around the park, suddenly, they didn't have to pay the fee. I feel this was handled really unprofessionally and almost even unethically. There are several coaches here, and that is great if they are not bothered by the noise and dust. But one should be informed about anything as drastic as jackhammering and concrete loading so we can decide if we want to be around that or not. We didn't get any discounted price because the pool wouldn't be available or because of the the noise. I hear several people complained, left and were asking for a credit (don't know for sure if it was granted). I also hear that a building next door to the park is going to be demolished soon. So. Just fair warning, if this kind of thing may bother you, ask if this work is still going on so you can decide if you want to come or not. Don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful park and usually a wonderful place to relax. Just not now with all the jackhammering going on.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This park was given a 5 star rating by Woodalls and I'm guessing it is because the bathrooms and laundry were available and clean. However, the "resort" did appear a little junky and if you like dust... this is the place for you. There was severe wind every day, and since there is essentially no vegetation, the dust was everywhere; even with our door and windows closed all the time except to enter and exit. If you have allergies, this place will be murder, even our dog was sneezing while walking the 3/4 mile dirt path that surrounds the park. Nothing to do there, and we could spend no time outside other than to walk the dog as needed. The wind made it impossible to put our awnings out and we were even considering pulling our slides in due to the wind but didn't have to. No way to barbeque or eat or sit outside outside at all without being blown away. Their handout at check in warns about the severity of the winds. The old town of Santa Fe is about a 20 minute drive. Office personnel were very nice and did provide lots of tips for where to eat and how to get around. Laundry is $2 a load and $2 per load to dry. While it wasn't horrible, it wasn't nice enough to stay again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
My husband and I came to Hacienda RV Resort primarily for an overnight stay. It is convenient to the I10, and we were on our way to Santa Fe. We were very pleasantly surprised. There is Freeway noise near in the front area, but we were in the back and were not bothered by it. The park is very clean and it is nice to be escorted to your site. The side by side parking was not a problem since your coach does not face the same direction as your neighbor. The dog walk is large and clean. We loved the breakfast every day as it meant no dirty pots or pans in the RV. The dining area was very nice and clean. It is small, but if there are several patrons eating at the same time, there is an overflow room that is also used for rally gatherings. Breakfast is included in the price of your stay. The lobby was very beautifully decorated and pleasant to sit in and relax by the fireplace and listen to music. There is also a fireplace and more seating in an outside patio. There is no pool, but there is a jacuzzi. The folks in the office were exceptionally pleasant and helpful. They offer a complimentary newspaper every day along with chocolate chip cookies and a Salsa sampler. They also host a "Margarita Night" every Friday evening, also complimentary. We stayed here in a 40ft Motorhome and will definitely stay here again should our travels bring us down the I10 again. We also enjoyed the nearby historic and quaint town of Mesilla which is only about 2 miles from the Resort.
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