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rating [ 6/10 ]
Kind of small, but very cozy place most people do not even knows exists. About 30 sites, attatched to a Marina with seasonal slips for the big yachts. The marina has a very peaceful bar with a beautiful view of the waterfront. The property is well-staffed with the very friendly owner supervising day to day activities. The bar is officially on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River and offers Off-Sale beer 7 days a week. A game room is also attached. If you like to check out new campgrounds from time to time like I do, check it out but keep in mind that because the campgrounds is located within 50 feet of an interstate body of water (Mississippi River) individual sewer hookups are not available. If you need to dump you will need to use a blue sewer container to carry the grey water to the dumping station (not their fault, just an environment precaution). The dumping station is not "curb-side" but rather 15 feet from the road so pulling your rig up for dumping is not easy, however the owner did let us use a blue container to transport. The campground is smaller than most so it doesn't pay for them to offer honey wagon service for fee (others in the area charge as much as $10.00 for honey wagon service). So, if you are reasonable and understand the minor inconveniences are out of respect for the environment as apposed to some nit-picker who likes to complain about everything, check it out. The bar people are very friendly and easy to get along with. Keep in mind that due to the smaller size of the campgrounds, they sometimes cannot accommodate a lot of people. One other note, they do not have a credit card processing machine however their more than reasonable prices reflect that they are passing the savings (credit card processing fees) directly on to you. Also, if you are a pet lover like we are, they have grand-fathered a few stray but extremely friendly pets that like to visit from time to time and would greatly appreciate any scraps of food (BBQ Ribs, Burgers, etc.) you happen to be throwing away. LOL.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Boy, that last review was exactly what my family and I experienced. Originally I found the place in the phone book and was told it was a good place to fish. The owner/manager was always drunk, extremely crabby, rude, did not have standard supplies such as ice, etc. The launch was so disgusting we had to drive to another campground and pay to use their facilities. The electric kept shorting out, they do not have sewer hookups. They offered free "Honey Wagon Service" to all his beer drinking friends, but everybody else was on their own. Also, the water hookup was leaking and made our campsite muddy. The owner/manager told us if we didn't like it to get the hell out. NICE! NICE! Also, the fish cleaning house was causing a major black fly out-break. It stank like fish guts everywhere. I realize it is not their fault, but nobody could get cell phone or TV reception.
rating [ 2/10 ]
The staff are rude and stuck up. We purchased firewood on our last day and when we went into town to get groceries, management stole the firewood and re-sold it to another camper. I think they thought we were checking out abandoning the wood but we were not. Even if we were, so what? Leave it there for at least an hour or so to be sure. When we called the office to complain, they refused to do anything for us. One other time we stayed there, we arrived in the evening after the office was closed. A sign said to find a spot and register in the morning. Around 7:00 am a large male (staff) began pounding on our door. When we opened our door, he became aggressive and started yelling at us because we were not a registered guest. When we explained that we came in late the night before and followed the signs instructions, he then told us to "GET YOUR ASS" in the office and register NOW!. Guy's lucky I didn't pop him in the face.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Dakota Meadows is a five star campgrounds. They have ultra modern facilities, lots of amenities, all the hookups in the world. As a part of the Mystic Lake Casino, free shuttles around the complex is a real convenience. Their Little Six Tepee restaurant has excellent food and staff with bargain prices. Here is a really interesting note; If you are a tent camper or do not even own a tent, the large Te Pee tents which sleep 5-10 people are their for your use! You can go tent camping and they even provide the tent via permanently mounted 18 foot tall Te Pee's. Can't beat that! Really enhances the Native/American theme.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I thought that Wippiti campgrounds was one of the most charming campgrounds I've ever visited. Originally we were going to KOA in Rogers but found Wippiti on the Internet and decided to check it out. When we arrived, we noticed an over abundance of friendliness among it's guests and staff. Two "seasonal" guests approached us and helped us locate our spot and hookups. We later went to the main building and noticed a rather small but cheerful group of peacocks, emus and other birds fenced in what looked like a small petting zoo. The main building offers a convenience store, bathrooms, laundry, game rooms etc. Guests are also permitted to bring cocktails inside while visiting other people. The atmosphere is about as friendly as I have ever seen, another interesting point is a section of the campground with "Vintage" campers. some of these units go all the way back to the 60's and 70's. I think a lot of these units are original campers from when the place was first built. It says a lot about a place when you see guests staying there year after year for decades.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We visited this campgrounds early in the season. Upon arrival, a very large and obviously intoxicated male approached us and identified himself as the manager/campground operator. (This is a county park leased to a private individual on a revenue/percentage basis). This "Manager" who was drunk, then proceeded to escort us to our campsite via driving while intoxicated on a 4 wheeler. When I asked him if he was concerned about getting a DWI he replied; Who the F***k is going to know? And raised his hands in the air. The next day we attempted to launch our boat but the launch was so bad because it was shallow, packed with weeds 3 feet deep and under the weeds the base was not sand or gravel but soft slimy mud you get stuck in that instead we had to drive across the lake to a public launch instead. NICE! Later in the season we tried to give this place a second chance. Two weeks before Memorial Day weekend, we called to make reservations. The phones went unanswered for as I left messages day after day (10 days straight) requesting return phone calls to book reservation. We got the impression that the place may have gone out of business so we contacted the county to see. Roughly 1 hour later, we received a phone call from the same manager from before; he said, "Who is this?" I gave him my name and then he immediately said that they were full and rudely hung up on me. I tried to call back, he repeatedly hung up on me. We later stayed at another place close by called Winjums Shady Acres. On Sunday as we were leaving, we decided to drive over to the Shieldsville Campgrounds to see if they actually "were" completely full. As we were pulling onto the property, this same large male came out and told us to back our vehicle OFF the property immediately. I asked him if there was a problem; he immediately raised his arm and pointed his finger in my face and angrily said, "Yea! there's a problem, it's you"! He then proceeded to say that I had made a "BIG MISTAKE" in calling the county before. He then said that his wife had BLACK BALLED us from ever camping at this place again. I argued that he did not own the place but that the county does, he then crossed his arms and said that if I wanted to "Try him" then just step right out of my camper and "See what happens". Moose hunting is out of season so we left. Do not stay at this campground. It has no oversight from the county, it is run down. This manager is rude, aggressive, abusive, narcissistic and does not have a clue as how to run a business. He is an alcoholic, drinks on the job and fraternizes with the guests. This place is unreal.
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