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rating [ 6/10 ]
The staff was not very friendly. We were reminded that the check-out time was at 10AM and that they are not very flexible regarding that. Even though there were quite a lot of available sites, we were put into the site exactly at the park entrance next to a very bright and loud humming light (as we found out later in the evening). There was quite some traffic (cars and motorcycles) in and out of the park. There seem to be quite a lot of long-term stayers in that park. The site was very narrow. With another RV on one side and a fence on the other, we were able to walk out of the site, but had no possibility to put any chairs out. Also there was neither a pick nick table or a fire pit. Positive things were the very clean showers and restrooms and the free Wi-Fi.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed here on the 4th of July weekend. It is a very nice park, far from any roads or cities, with a lot of things to do - especially for families with kids. There was even some live music on one evening. Our particular site was inconvenient, since we had to pull-in to be able to hook-up. But even then, the sewer was almost too far from our RV to hook-up. And we always had to walk around the RV to get to the pick nick table. Wi-Fi is available in the park (first hour free). During the weekend, the restrooms and showers were not clean (maybe this was only because it was the 4th of July weekend?). Overall, we found the park to be a little too expensive for what it offered.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We stayed here because it was getting dark and we did not find anything else. There are a lot of longterm stayers in very run-down trailers. When we arrived, we were asked if we need to use the restrooms and showers. When we told the manager, that, yes, we'd like to use them, he told us, "OK, that's included in the price and we will clean one of the restrooms for you.. Even after cleaning, the restrooms were terrible! The same is true for the laundry. The available sites looked quite nice at first: grassy and close the a small river with ducks. A closer look showed that the grass was full of duck excrement. (Sorry, I don't know a nicer word for it).
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice park with shady, well-spaced sites in the trees, each with pick nick table and fire pit. Bathrooms and showers were very clean. Also the electrical installations (hookups) seem to be new and there is free Wi-Fi. The roads in the park were not paved and therefore quite dusty. We payed 39$ (weekend rates are 49$). The shop only contains very few items (and no food/water). There is a free shuttle bus to the very close "Point Reyes National Shores Park", but it is operated only on weekends as we had found out after waiting 45 minutes (even though staff told us otherwise first).
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