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rating [ 7/10 ]
Ching Ching, get ready to pay an extra $10 per person to use their facilities regardless of how long you are staying; in addition to already high site fees. This place looks to be a great place to camp, other than the out of control costs, when construction is complete. I was given site right behind new water slide. Unfortunately for me I visited while water slide construction was going on and was waken up at 7:00 a.m. with LOUD HEAVY construction of water slide. Not a good thing to happen on vacation when you arrived late at night and desperately needed to sleep in. There is no reason under any circumstance that my site should have been rented out with out fair warning. It was about the rudest thing that has happened to me in my adult life.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a great park. Great staff. Great facilities. We had a great time. If you have kids this is the outer banks campground for you. Absolute only negative is for all intents and purposes they have no wireless internet. If they only added a relay antenna / router the problem would be fixed. I enjoyed a chuckle over some of the previous reviews. Hint; KOA does not control the weather or people age 21 or over from drinking. You can not go to the beach and expect to see no sand in showers. Beach equals soft ground; KOA can not control this. No shade? Is there natural shade at any beach? At home I empty my trash can when it is full, not when it is half full, I hope this doesn't mean I am a dirty person.
rating [ 5/10 ]
I can't believe no one has mentioned that there is a four lane highway running right by this campground! We were on site number 62 and I could hit the highway bridge going right over our campsight with a football! Regardless of how nice, we had to pack up and leave our first night because the highway noise was so bad. There is also a trailer park across the pond and on far side of campground. Without the trailer park and highway I would give this place a 9 but reality is they are there.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Really nice campground. Out dated but very very well maintained. Very clean. Seasonals where unnoticed if they are there at all. I typically would not give such a high rating to campground with limited amenities but this one was so pleasant I had to.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This campground is out dated and over run with out dated unkept seasonals. Only place to stay for weekenders is the middle of a field with cramped spaces and no trees. For the 2 day stay I was there the petting zoo was closed. Restrooms were clean, staff was friendly, seasonals were not.
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