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rating [ 10/10 ]
This is the first time we have stayed at this campground and we will certainly go back. It was great! We stayed near to the ocean but there were sites available which were shaded by trees. rather enjoyed being out it the open Each site hs its own structure over the picnic table. Very handy. The bathhouses were very clean and never crowded though the park was full. The cable was very limited. There were only around 12 channels but since I only watch just before bed it wasn't too big a deal. Staff was friendly and helpful. The indoor and outdoor pools were lovely as well as the lazy river. The lake was just beautiful and it was fun to watch the turtles popping their heads above the water and swimming around. We were almost a week into our vacation when hubby remarked that we hadn't stepped foot out of the campground. The only thing I didn't like was that they closed the entrance gate at midnight. I think I should be able to come and go as I please. It really didn't settle well with me when one evening at 12:30 AM our new neighbors arrived in their fifth wheel. Between the diesel truck idling and the banging was tempted to bring it up to the main office. Ah well. It was really a relaxing time and a great place to stay. Will do it again next year for sure.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Loved this place. We were there during the week and the area where we were was mostly vacant. The sites were nice and level and we were streamside. Beautiful! Very friendly...We had to be at a meeting the day we were to check out...they let us pack up and park our trailer on the property for a few hours...no extra charge and when I had trouble disconnecting the hitch the owner was called and he came right over and helped me out. Can't get better than that! Can't wait to go back.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Went here for the first time last year. Had requested a cable site but was given one without. Registered via website for this year for several trips. When I called to check on the reservation I found that I was not put riverside as requested. The clerk corrected that. I would suggest reserving over the phone so you can confirm things. Other than that it was nice and clean. Friendly. It is a small campground but the stream side sites are lovely. I never saw anything broken down or not maintained. Am definitely going back.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Site was covered in cigarette butts and other misc. litter. Apparently they had some major rain because there was a large gulley carved out by rushing water which ran right through our small campsite. Our neighbors arrived the second day we were here, and were undoubtably the most obnoxious people we've ever encountered at a campground. Besides the continual setting off of their car alarm (at all hours), they took great pleasure in playing their music as loud as humanly possible. They were so annoying that other campers from across the grounds could be heard heckling them throughout their stay. This was our only solace as after the 4th day of such antics I finally told the supervisor that I could not take it any longer and that I was leaving the grounds until they packed all their things and were gone. He told me that they were leaving that day and that he should have known that this was going to happen as they had the same problem with them the year before. Hellloooooo? Other than that, it would have been a nice time. It is right next to Lake George and should the staff ever grow a spine would be a nice place to camp. They have a wood truck and camp store truck that drives around for your covenience. It is nice not to have to run out for ice. Now if they could use good sense and control the population.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We were very disappointed. Upon arriving noticed the staff was a tad "moody" and it didn't improve during our 2 week stay. Poison ivy was all over our site though we were told it was the most desirable site in the campground. The camp store was nothing but bare shelves and requesting change or pretty much any service was frowned upon. Few activities for the kids. The pool was okay. They seemed to cater to more seasonal residents. When we drove through the grounds to get to our site it never failed that kids and adults alike would yell for us to slow down even though we were doing the 5 mile per hour limit. Very disappointed in the lack of friendliness and customer service.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Were very pleased with the friendly service and ample sites. I scoped this campground out the year before when we were staying at a competitor's campground. I was sold when I went in to the front desk and wasn't scowled at when I asked to have a look around. When I called the following February to make a reservation the gentleman who helped me went over and above to ask questions as to what type of accommodations I was looking for. He suggested the site we then reserved and it was perfect! Vist them and enjoy!
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