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rating [ 10/10 ]
As a full timer I prefer parks like this. I found the lady in the office was quite pleasant. I find that if you are nice to people, they reciprocate. I did mention the fact that they no longer were Passport America and she told me why. I can see her point. She related that PA members, from her experience, were very rude people that wanted as much as they could get for a discounted rate so I would take the comments listed by others here with tongue in cheek. She further added that she didn't think it was warranted and dropped the membership. I'd stay here again gladly. It;s a nice little CG, has an indoor pool and it's QUIET.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This campground is for sale to settle an estate. As a consequence, no one really cares about the niceties of making you feel as though you would like to return. It is way over-priced for what is offered and you will find no bargains here. Grass is on the long side where I parked but they were mowing out on the flats today. Weekly rate is $4.00 off the daily rate for 7 days: whoopee! I find that the road noise from the I-80 is tolerable: I have stayed in places where the road noise was far worse. I'm here to visit family and friends before heading south for the winter. It will do in a pinch but I'm afraid this place is history because the "For Sale" sign mentioned acreage... not an RV Park... for sale.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I was sent here by the state park because they were full when I arrived, and utilized my PA discount for the first two days. During those two days I visited the state park facilities and, even though it cost more for the additional days, I elected to stay here. It was quiet and no kids were in sight. The shower rooms are more like private suites and the laundry room was clean with new machines. They have a real nice under-utilized social room that looks brand new. The space between rigs was more than ample and I had full hookups with a great Wi-Fi hook-up and can find no fault with this park as far as my preferences tend to be. I am a solo, full-timer and would not hesitate to stay here. The former owner of this park had high hopes and was thoughtfully laid out (but kind of missed it on the hookups for a big rig) but a happy medium for the 5ers out there. If anybody wants a tax write-off, I'd be willing to act as park host for the winter months.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I stayed here for longer than intended because I got one of the pull through sites. There are two but one is across the road near the group camping area and reserved for handicapped. It has a concrete pad but not the shade that the one in the regular campground offers. Great spot and in no hurry to move because finding another spot as well kept as this one will be difficult. I stayed here in a big rig.
rating [ 9/10 ]
All of the above remarks are true. I ducked in there because of inclement weather and may have stayed longer had it not been for an appointment up the road. If you use Verizon, however, there will be no telephone service and I have the full National Plan. The Wi-Fi is non-existent and the far reaches of the park where I was placed, as requested, as I did not want to drop the toad.
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