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rating [ 5/10 ]
This campground is great for the kids. The pool is very nice and the kids pool was excellent. We had site 46 & 47. The sites are very wide but there are no trees in most of the campground. It was like camping in a big field. You are back to back with other sites and they really pack the campers in. The bathrooms was not very clean at all and the stalls were extremely small, like my knees hit the stall door. When we called we were told that they couldn't guarantee that we would be close to our friends. We ended up right next to each other which was great. We also requested a full hook up site and when we got there we ended up with a W/E site. So we had to dump at the end of our stay which was ok except for the fact that the location of the dump station was on the exit road to the campground and it was only one lane wide. So when you pulled up to dump other people exiting the campground had a hard time getting around you. Not a good design at all. Not sure if we will return to this campground.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a fantastic campground!!! Only 2 years old and one of the best I have stayed at ever. Extremely clean restrooms and showers. The sites were very nice, level, clean and spacious. The pool was 83 degrees and beautiful. The office was very nice as well. The playground was excellent. Check this place out if you are looking to camp around the Sebago Lake region on maine. Great weekend activities for the adults and kids!!! Had a really great weekend and hated to leave.
rating [ 9/10 ]
What a nice place. The bathrooms were very clean and updated. The sites were grassy and big. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We called here on friday night @ 5:30 after different campground lost our registeration and they were full up. The KOA was great! The office usually closes @ 8pm. It was a 3 hr ride for us and they said they would stay at the office until we arrived. Then it was after dark and the owner got out the 4-wheeler and lead me to my sight and helped me back in. I didn't need the help but he insisted. The sites along the river are great. The pool and jacuzzi were clean and very warm. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a great campground nessled in the NH mountains. To boot, someone pulled in off the road to dump the tanks and they only charge $10 to dump. Thats seams like a very reasonable price.
rating [ 10/10 ]
By far one of the nicest campgrounds we have visited. Very friendly staff, great sites, very nice playground, very clean bathrooms (1 handicaped accessable), very large sites. What a great place to camp. The lake is beautiful. There is Everetts Marine about 1/8 of a mile past the entrance to the campground where you can rent pontoons boats for a very reasonable rate. They constantly wet the roads down to keep the dust down during the day. They offer full hookup sites along the water which is very nice and rarely seen around here. No kids running while here. All the kids we saw were very well manored and very polite. The parents were the same. Very friendly and nice to talk to. The camp store was well stocked and they had firewood, propane and air on site. Everything you would expect in a campground and then some. A must if you are looking for a great camping weekend. We will be back there again in September for another long weekend. See you there!!
rating [ 10/10 ]
What a great campground! I would and have told many people about this place. Great owner/operators. This campground is very clean. The bathrooms and showers are cleaner that most peoples own bathrooms. The grounds are very well kept and very nice. Most sites are very level and a good portion of them are pull through sites. This place is very centrally located in the White Mountains and close to a lot of attractions. We have camped here every Memorial Day weekend for the last 4 years and have no complaints what so ever. The store is well stocked with camping goods. They have propane and firewood available. They have dog kennels available as well. They have nightly hay rides, mini golf and a great playground. There are a couple of seasonal sites here but even those people are very friendly. This is one of the nicest campgroud in NH for sure. Check it out if you get the chance.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Some friends of mine deceided to get an "Extended Stay" here so we thought we would check it out. Well, what a joke. This place is a giant Trailer Park not a Camp Resort as they call it. The staff here is aweful and the seasonal people are just as bad. I have never seen so many golf carts in my entire life. I have seen less golf carts at the golf course. I am not lying. It took my wife 20 minutes just to check in. This was after one of the crack security guards found me on the list of people staying for the weekend and filled out a slip of paper and handed it to me at the front guard shack. Then I had another security guard show me to the site and insist he help me back in. After 4-5 "I am all set, Thanks anyways" this guy finally got on his golf cart and left. Thank god. Then it says to put the little site card on the dash, which I did. Well we went out to the market and when we returned I drove in nice and slow, passed 2 security people and proceeded to the gate and sat there for 10 minutes ringing the buzzer. Well here comes mister securty telling me I have to wave the site card out the window. This is nothing more than a trailer park that is run by the seasonal people that are here. They do as they please and are the most unfriendly people I have ever met. Their kids are running around, riding their bikes in the middle of the roads or driving the golf carts around completely out of control. We took our infant for a walk and had to constantly dodge the golf carts for the entire walk. Then when we were leaving, towing our 30' TT I had to dodge a group of 5 kids on their bikes. On top of this I had to dodge the dirty looks from the parents of these kids. We definitely won't be back. If I want to see that many golf carts I will go to the golf course and play a round. Way too may rules and way too many inconsiderant people including the staff. What a wasted weekend!
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