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rating [ 10/10 ]
This is our second year here as seasonal campers. We have also come a few times prior. Due to some unforeseen circumstances we had to leave due to a personal issue. We advised the owner of the situation and did not believe the level of compassion and care from him and his family. They are a wonderful family. While this is not a glamorous resort campground, it is for the rustic, wilderness camper. The new pool this year has been a welcome addition. I cannot say enough about this campground or this family for their thoughtfulness and caring. I highly recommend this campground you are into CAMPING and not staying at the fancy resort. This is the campground to stay at in the Hudson Valley. During the week it is quiet and you seem to have the whole place to yourself. Thank you for everything.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed for an extended weekend for a brothers get together that we started last year. We really enjoyed the campgrounds. We stayed in my travel trailer and had Site 69 which was right next to the store/office. It was a little busy with all the golf carts but no different than any other campground with seasonals. Wade stopped by and invited us down to a party at the rec hall. Access to the lake is great since my brother brought his boat from NC we were out on the lake everyday fishing. We loved the place and want to go back again but we all agreed to try different places. I have 2 brothers in NC and myself, and one brother in NY so it was a short drive for them alot longer for us but I ould definitely go again if staying in the area. My brother from NY is already planning a trip down to stay in one of the rental trailers for August he liked it so much. This was about the only weekend that didn't have a fishing tournement scheduled so the lake was pretty much open to us. The great weather, the great site with a view of the lake, and great southern hospitality from all of the people at the campgrounds made you feel like home.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We stayed at this campground last year as our 1st place with our new camper and really liked the place. We heard last year that they had been purchased by Morgan Campgrounds(?). We thought they were going to make improvements. While it appears they are we found that each time we have gone back it becomes more about the money. We took our daughter and boyfriend with us this past weekend only to find out it is $15 per extra person per night plus $10 for the car. Well for us it was only $35 when we added the kids it was another $35 dollars to be at our site. If I had realized that I would have just gotten their own site it was the same price. When I mentioned that it seemed expensive for the guest the girl said yeah, I said it doesn't seem like you care to which she replied no. Well I think that is my last visit there. For 4 of us it was $140 dollars. I spent a week and a half at the Saugerties KOA and it only cost me $350. They also seemed just to be more concerned about money. The internet is $1, while that certainly isn't excessive but why charge $1? We had thought about getting a seasonal there next year but it seems like it is all about money now. We noticed it towards the end of last year when we stayed a couple of times. Sorry Waubeeka you lost a couple of regulars. They even sent out that you couldn't use your air conditioning even if you had a 50 amp site we had a 30 but my brother in law had a 50 amp and when he got his email confirmation it said no AC during the month of July well that is when you need it. It was in the 90's both days this past weekend.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is my 1st time posting on this site. I am at the campground as I am doing this review. This is our 2nd time here and I have to say this is probably one of the nicest places we have been. It is clean, friendly, quiet, and offers a nice relaxing time. We stayed last year for a weekend and decided to stay this year for a week. They offer a pool, small arcade, playground for the kids. While it isn't fancy if you are looking for a relaxing time in a nice clean campground this is the place. We live about 20 minutes away and this is a nice place for us to go and close enough my wife can run back and forth to work each day. The owners are very friendly and will assist you in anyway that they can. If you are looking for a place to stay in the Hudson Valley I highly recommend the place.
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