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rating [ 6/10 ]
I found this to be an excellent campground to spend the night or to stay at if visiting someone nearby. There were few shade trees and it was more like a campers' parking lot. I saw few people outside their rigs at fires or picnic tables. I didn't see any children. WiFi worked great, better than in most campgrounds. It was quiet, clean and we would spend the night there again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This is an excellent campground for tent campers. The tent area is heavily wooded and the sites large, most having nice views. The tent area couldn't be better. The area for trailers and campers with electric, water and sewer was very limited (only 6 sites) and those sites are very close together. Trailers face each other in that area (or bring long water hoses) so there is no privacy. They are shaded. Only six sites have sewer so reserve them early. When our neighbor let down his awning it was a few inches from our shade. The WiFi, included in the price of the site, was spotty at best and often not available. Cable TV was carried about 13 channels. The toilets and showers are extremely rustic. One section of this campground has permanent campers, renters and seasonals. The pool is across the road in a Mobile Home park which seemed to be part of the campground. There was some kind of rustic farm/petting zoo also connected to this campground. We walked trough it and were saddened to see how small most of the pens were. In my opinion it should be done away with or modernized, giving the animals and poultry enough space to live comfortable lives. The ponds on the property were beautiful with picnic benches and shade. Although this seemed to be a good place for children, we saw few of them there. The owner and employees were friendly and helpful and there is a camp store. It's convenient to Cooperstown and stores. We would not stay there again simply because the sites with sewers are too small, too narrow and the WiFi unreliable. If we were tent campers we wouldn't stay anywhere else.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I gave this a good rating only because of the shaded riverfront sites, store and cleanliness. Most sites, in the new section, are without shade and the sites are too small, too close together. Landscaping is nice but it will be many years before the young trees shade the sites. This new section is more like a parking lot for campers in my opinion. If you plan to stay at this campground request a shaded spot down by the river - unless you camp there in the late fall or early spring and want full sun. It was also much cooler down by the river. WiFi is available for $5 or $6 a day EXTRA. It's not included in the price of camping there so don't be misled. We would camp there again but only if we could secure a shaded site by the river.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We camped here from early Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. Family had the adjoining campsite. We had a nice view of the forest across from our sites 49 and 50. The lake was a few minutes walk away. All sites with a view of the lake, plus the 4 sites with sewer, were already taken by the time we got there. There's a small camp store near the boat dock on the lake. All employees we came in contact with were very friendly and helpful. There were many young families there with children. The children appeared to be enjoying themselves. The campground was clean and it was quiet at night. Pets were kept on leashes. We plan to camp there again.
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