Looking For A Rewarding Day Trip ?

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    Take a minute and check this out ...........

    Want To Be An Angel ?

    Angel Bus is looking for motor coach owners who would like to make a day in a complete strangers life, a little less stressful.

    Imagine a child undergoing cancer treatment, faced with a 50 mile trip with his or her parents by car. Picture the smile on that child’s face when your coach pulls up to the curb, they climb on board, and realize for at least a short while they can leave the driving to someone else and relax, play a game, or just watch a movie.

    Angel Bus is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing compassionate, non-emergency, volunteer ground transportation to individuals who must get to a distant facility for specialized medical treatment.

    Angel Bus, which utilizes motor coaches and their volunteer drivers, provides an alternative more relaxing mode of transportation. at a crucial time in a patients road to recovery.

    If you are looking for a way to give back to those most in need, please sign up and become an angel to needy patients traveling for treatment.

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