Looking for recommendations through Utah and Durango CO

Discussion in 'Destinations and RV Parks' started by seriouslygot2go, Sep 29, 2017.

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    Jul 23, 2015
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    Hi All!
    Thanks in advance for any help and recommendations, it is truly appreciated.
    Our coach is being painted in Las Vegas, we are picking it up on Oct 7
    We have a 40' Newell and only tow a motorcycle on a rack, and two small dogs. We need to be back in
    Orange County CA on Oct 17, which gives us 11 nights, if everything goes smoothly.
    We prefer RV parks that have large spots (like everyone I'm sure!) and that have a natural setting. My husband does not like to start off at the crack of dawn for a destination and I hate getting to a park at dinner time and I honestly don't want to be on the road non stop.

    BTW, if you think this route is awful please feel free to say so! If you have an alternate itinerary
    please, please suggest.

    Our thoughts on the route are as follows and the timing is not set in stone;
    Not sure what time the coach will be ready for pick up, as there are always
    last minute delays. The coach has not been run in 6 months, and we will need
    to do some provisioning in Las Vegas.

    10/7 First night in LV - if everything goes prefect we could head north on 10/7, but I don't think this is realistic.

    10/8 Las Vegas to Zion - we stayed last year at Zion River Resort
    2 nights
    If we get waylaid in LV should we blow off Zion and just do Bryce as we were just
    in Zion last year?

    10/10 Zion to Bryce Canyon one night, or should we stay two nights
    what is the best place to stay?

    10/11 Bryce Canyon to ?
    We are thinking of to take the 70 to the 191....Moab never been, should we go?
    Though that it close to 300 miles is it worth spending the whole day driving there, or should we break it
    up into 2 days and stay somewhere along the way? Are there any great places to stay along that the route?
    How long in Moab and any recommendations on a park.

    10/13 Moab to Durango
    157 miles
    2 nights
    I would really like to visit Durango but at this point we are at 8+/- nights leaving us 3 nights
    and 800 miles from home

    10/15 Durango to Page
    270 miles....
    one night
    then the next two nights to dead head 550 miles to home

    Alternate route - save Durango for spring
    Moab to Page
    268 miles
    We were there last year
    Love to see Antelope Canyon, didn't make it last year - is it worth it?
    2 nights

  2. The Old Fart

    The Old Fart
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    Nov 30, 2015
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    I hate touristy things, queuing up and hurry-up guided tours, but this one was absolutely worth putting up with it. It's really that amazing inside. If you can make reservations that'd be a good idea.

    It's a no-go if it's raining though, so check the weather first and call ahead.

    Also make sure you're up to it physically. There are some very awkward twists and turns and places where you have to support/step up with all your weight on one leg.

    Horseshoe Bend is close by too, it's worth the short walk from the parking lot to have a look.

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