Nash Street

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    Dec 6, 2004
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    I met these kids at a campground we stayed at last summer, they have been rv'ing most of their lives and thought it was neat to see they had won this national competition.

    Country Showdown

    If you have iTunes, here's a link to their album so you can preview their songs:

    Nash Street on Itunes

    If you don't even have iTunes, you don't know what your missing, download it here then try the link above:

    Get iTunes!

    I recall an article last year in one of our Motorhome / RV'ing magazine talking about either building a CD rack for an RV or it may have been about how to secure CD cases in an overhead bin. The thing that got me was that these people were carrying around those CD's with them filling those shelves up and adding weight to their rv when they could just get a mp3 player or ipod/iphone and take the music, but leave the CD's at home!

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