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    Nov 16, 2005
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    Hi, I am a new member in this forum, therefore, not too familiar with the controls and guideline.
    Question: I am trying to find an interesting place in Texas, south Padre Island (i.e. Isla Blanca or Port Isabel...etc) to come down for 3 months during 2006/07 Winter with my 5th wheeler and small boat (14') for some salt water fishing and enjoy the warm weather, I E-mailed to several RV resorts with no success since only the Isla Blanca Park did reply advising that it is quite difficult to find space there during winter since most of the snowbirds have the priority to book the space for the following winter. I have been suggested to try next September-October in order to verify whether there was any cancellation.
    QUESTION: Does any one know the area and could suggest some resorts' names to contact for cost and space for winter. By the way, I called the the Port Isabel Park Center and I was quoted up to US$ 882 per month for 3 months staying and I consider this amount unreasonable for my budget.
    Since I am not too familiar yet with this Forum, I would appreciate if your answer copied;d be copied also to my E-Mail.
    Thanks in advance,

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