Anybody Else Like WAC RV Park in Sarcoxie, MO?

Discussion in 'Destinations and RV Parks' started by MS, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. MS

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    I've stayed three times at the WAC RV park in Sarcoxie, Missouri. I was disturbed by the long diatribe against it. I have to say that WAC doesn't rate a 10, but I think it's it's a nice (and friendly) place to spend the night and get a good dinner.

    Agree? Disagree?

  2. cheyenne

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    Jul 8, 2003
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    I am also interested in Wac campground we are planning a vacation the end of this month and at first I thought of Wac but from what I here it isn't that great. Sense you have stayed there you said it was nice for overnight but would you plan to stay there for two weeks? I also have found the Big Barn in Carthage that looks clean from the internet pictures do you have any ideas on this one sense it is close to Sarcoxie.
  3. MS

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    If I recall correctly, Carthage is about 20 miles from Sarcoxie. WAC isn't (in my opinion) a "destination" resort campground. (Except during their Bluegrass festival--if you like that.) It would be a good place to stay overnight. It would also be good for an extended period if my activities took me away during the day. We found it to be clean and friendly, rating a 7 overall but not a "10". The price, though, is a "7" and not a "10" as well. MS

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