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    Jul 23, 2005
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    A word of caution as a number of reviews pertaining to the"Bar Harbor Campgrounds" are incorrect. The two campgrounds are located in the State of Maine, in the Bar Harbor area. There are two campgrounds that use the name "Bar Harbor", and there seems to be errors in the reviews concerning both. The correct names are: Bar Harbor Campground and Bar Harbor KOA. They are not one in the same. Let's be fair and correct in making reviews concerning both. Bar Harbor Campground does not take reservations, and is not open to the water. Bar Harbor KOA does take reservations, and is on the water,(at high tide). Bar Harbor KOA is corporate owned, and is expensive to say the least. In our yearly trips to the Maine, for the last eighteen years we have not stayed at either one, they do not fit our needs, nor our pocket book. Please double check your posted reviews pertaining to either or and see if a correction maybe in order.

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