Calloway Gardens, Pine Mtn, GA

Discussion in 'Destinations and RV Parks' started by bhkemp, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. bhkemp

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    It seems only 2 choices; one a S.P. the other a private CG

    would appreciate input from those who have stayed there.

    also, weather mid-March???
  2. L-Mac

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    I just wrote a review for FDR State Park under the Pine Mountain, GA listing. Take a look.

    We had one crazy incident the first night. This couple with two kids rolled in from Atlanta after dark. Remember the Saturday Night Live family called "The Louds". Well, they were. Everything they did was loud... even past quiet time. The nextdoor tenter was not amused with the loud video cartoon movies being played in the camper and yelled "Quiet Time!" at about 10:45 PM. The Louds and he got into a loud conversation about it. The woman said her kids had to watch videos before they could sleep (but did it have to be so loud that everyone could hear the video?). Eventually, the Louds called the park ranger to complain about Mr. Tenter's complaint. The ranger told the Louds (via cell phone) to be quiet. The next morning, they left by 0830.

    On the second night, the park was perfectly peaceful.

    Try not to stay in upper loop 4. The only dirt driveway, and there are too many campers for the size of the bathhouse.

    Temperature in mid March was nice in the day, crisp at night.

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