Changes In Elma Rv Park

Discussion in 'Destinations and RV Parks' started by socket40, Mar 5, 2007.

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    Mar 5, 2007
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    There have been some changes to Elma RV Park :D But some are not good :eek: I have been to this parks web site,the pictures posted are out dated as is the park :( as it looks nothing like the pictures,it is full of pot holes coming and going from the park,when it rains you get standing water and mud in your site,most sites do not have grass,they have been dumping chip rock in vacant sites and don't even level the site out.water,electric boxes and cable is out dated and you can trip over cables strung across the ground in some sites,the park is not child freindly,nothing to do for adults or children,the park has the possibility of flooding in the rainy season from the river near by.very dusty and dirty in the summer time,most of the lights in the park are burned out so it is rather dark in the park at night,to many speed bumps have been install and no set higth so be prepared to be tossled around when you come in the park,they have raised the rent and now only allow 300 klw of electricity for full timers,some people have gotten power bills as much as $100.00 added to there is not a very freindly park as it used to be.there are new managers that have never run a park before and you can tell as they care nothing for the full timers.

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